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Senate Commando Pack Pics at JD

Our friends at Jedi Defender have posted some nice front and back carded shots of the upcoming Target Exclusive Senate Commando 2-pack that includes Captain Jayfon and a basic Senate Commando. This set will be shipped alongside a Cad Bane & IG-86 2-pack for around $14 each. Look for these sets in your local Target store in the next few weeks. Head on over to Jedi Defender for a closer look.

Vintage Wave One Found at Target

According to a trusty source at Coreplanets.com, at least one St. Louis area Target has started putting the new vintage figures on the pegs. They seem to be ringing up fine at the registers and are priced at $7.99.
So, if you don’t have a Target in your area and haven’t found these yet, it might be worth your while to swing by your local Target to see if you can score these for yourself.

Hidden Enemy Battle Pack Clones Revealed

Confirming our rumor report from back in May, eBay power seller “Tunghori” has posted images of 3 clone troopers from the Hidden Enemy Battle Pack. This themed set is based off of the Season 1 CW episode of the same name and includes (so far) clone troopers Gus, Slick and Chopper – complete with Battle Droid finger souvenir necklace! Head to JediDefender for the pics.