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Toyguide Update: 6″ TBS Imperial Shadow Squadron


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our next entry in the The Black Series 6″ line. Today, we take a look at the Target Exclusive Imperial Shadow Squadron.

PROS: For essentially being a set of “repaints”, this set (for me) seems to be worth the $50 pricepoint. The overall presentation is great with Hasbro foregoing the standard (read “bland”) packaging insert for a nice hangar scene. The figures themselves are nice too as there is a blend of black and dark blue to help separate the armor from the body glove of each trooper. The sparse deco is well done with each application seeming to hit its intended mark.

CONS: The packaging is the egregious offender here as the tray that holds the figures/vehicle causes warping to the Shadow Scout visor and the speeder bike handle bars. Fortunately, these deflections can be easily remedied by submerging the effected parts in hot water for a few minutes. The reissued weapons for each figure leave something to be desired as they are cast in a simple gray plastic with no paint apps which ultimately feels cheap. Shadow repaints, already?

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

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Target Exclusive TIE Advanced Prototype with Inquisitor Landing Soon


In case you missed it in our recent article, Target is “planning” on offering their exclusive Star Wars Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype with Inquisitor figure next month. No mention of the other two exclusives (The Phantom with Kanan, AT-DP with AT-DP Driver) in the ad, but one might assume that these are all case mates and will arrive at the same time.

More Bad News: Price Hikes Hitting Target


We’ve been receiving (and witnessing first hand) reports that Target is instituting a new series of price hikes for the Saga Legends and Black Series 3-3/4″ lines – approaching $8 and $12 respectively (depending on market) to coincide with their new aisle resets. Personally, I think the price hike on the Saga Legends is a much harder pill to swallow than the increase on the TBS figures. Granted, haters of the SL figures weren’t going to be swayed with a price drop on this line either, but it sure hurts the enthusiasm I have had for the line.

What do you think? Discuss the matter in our forums.