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Black Series Taped Fresh from the Case?


Yak Face reader Adam Vinson, writes in with an interesting find at his Target. It appears that the latest batch of The Black Series figure have the bubble taped fresh from the case in order to address the bubble adhesion issue. Here is his report:

Looks like Hasbro is reading the reports or at least Target is….Notice the tape, this was a fresh new case, all of the figures had it.

New LEGO Displays at Target


Target stores (and likely soon, Toys”R”us) are putting out some great new LEGO displays to help promote the LEGO Star Wars line.  These displays really show off the greatness that LEGO has to offer and to help boost sales of their bigger toy offerings – check out a couple images in our forums.

Hint for Hasbro:  This is yet another avenue you may want to consider exploring as you look to regain the interest of kids in your product lines.

It Was Love at First Sight…


“Of course I’m not going to be buying much of the new Star Wars line coming out,” Chewie told his wife multiple times over the past several months.  “I don’t collect 6″ scale toys, and most of the new 3.75″ figures don’t interest me at all.”

Then, after seeing new figures in person today at Target, reality set in.   Well done, Hasbro.  Now I’m angry with you for winning me over with product I swore I wouldn’t buy.  I was mad at you through all of 2012 for how bad you managed the brand, and now I’m somewhat upset at you for kicking things off so well with your new lineups.

Are you feeling the same way as I am this evening about Hasbro’s new launch?  Or have I gone completely crazy?  Share your thoughts in the forums!

Target Clearancing Hasbro Product Galore

We posted a lengthy rant last month expressing our recent frustration with Hasbro, and it seems like the folks at Target may feel the same way given their latest round of Hasbro markdowns.

It isn’t just Star Wars product either… it’s GI JOE and Transformers product too… and the trend here is that all the items are ones aimed at kids, and really aren’t of high quality… they are often gimmicks or Hasbro scaling back on quality.  So what does that mean with the upcoming Movie Heroes line?  Will they pegwarm like these have been doing since the moment they were first stocked?

Hopefully Hasbro has a much better plan in store for next year… share your thoughts here or in our forums.