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Sponsor News: K&C Collectibles

K & C Collectibles is offering 20% discount on all in-stock merchandise until April 5th.  No discount coupon required.  New:  Star Wars Insider, LEGO, Samurai Action Figure C-3PO, Bandai R2-Q5.   Click the NEW PRODUCTS link under the Categories Section for a complete list of recently added items.

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6″ Black Series TESB Fanvote is Now Open

Hasbro Pulse via Instagram is now taking votes for what figure collectors would like to see immortalized in the 6″ Black Series line for the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Voting closes Friday, March 8.

Feel free to leave your comments here as well for the 10 they have selected.

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Disney Park Exclusive 6″ Black Series First Order 4 pk.

Hasbro.com has posted a listing for an unannounced Star Wars Resistance and Galaxy’s Edge inspired Disney Park exclusive featuring a 6″ Black Series “The First Order” 4pk. It includes Kylo Ren, and Mountain Trooper, Commander Pyre and MSE Droid. Click on through for the images.

Thanks to MandaloreClone5 for the heads up.

Update: Page has been removed from Hasbro.com

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6″ Battle Droid Variants: Let’s Get It Done

Now that we’ve got the base B1 Battle Droid for the 6″ Black Series, I thought I’d whip up a concept for a potential exclusive (or series of exclusives). As you know, there are a plethora of decos available for the B1 so I whipped up what I think would be a great 4pk some online retailer could offer* which could include OOM-9, Security, Battle Damage Droid and Geonosis Arena variants.

*This is not a hint or veiled tease of an unannounced product.