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TBS 3.75″ Die-Cast Metal Figures Hit Retail

Most of us want new 3.75″ figures with more than 5 points of articulation, so recently Hasbro responded with something nobody was asking for in this scale instead.

Reaction from readers has been pretty negative since their 3.75″ Die Cast Metal Figures were announced – and now, these future  clearance items have been found at retail.  Our friends at Jeditemplearchives have the details.   Check out their report after the jump!

6″ C-3PO Resistance Base Variant


It was something we mentioned in our initial review of this figure and now it looks like Hasbro has addressed the oversight as they have issued a variant to the 6″ Black Series C-3PO (Resistance Base) figure. Instead of the cheap looking plain red arm, they have now given it a proper, screen accurate deco. I’ll definitely be picking this version up.

Thanks to Rebelscum for their report.

Beware of Fused Joints on 3.75″ Black Series Finn


While it was a nice surprise finding Wal-Marts latest wave of 3.75″ Black Series today, the excitement quickly turned to aggravation once opening Finn… I picked up two of this figure, and both had fused right elbow joints.

The first one snapped immediately – the second one I was able to save only through my experience with customizing.  Hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a widespread issue… but please share your experiences after the jump!

Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Series Line Status


Here we are, right in the midst of a great new Star Wars film with a huge demand for action figures related to the movie, and a ton of people haven’t seen a sniff of anything past Wave 1 from Wal-Mart’s exclusive 3.75″ Black Series figures.

Apparently this line is so exclusive, many stores are being completely left out after Wave 1 in spite of having dedicated peg space for these figures (remember, after Wave 1 is when the NEW figures from the NEW MOVIE are included).

What’s the scene like in your area?  Better?  Just as bad?   Share your thoughts/findings/pics after the jump!

A Star Wars Christmas…?


It’s just a few days before Christmas, and we’re seeing a lot of reports not only of stores not having much Star Wars Hasbro product in stock, but not even stocking much for the past several weeks.  Of course there are instances were shoppers are having great, luck, but this isn’t exactly how distribution was with the last few Star Wars films.

How is this impacting your buying habits?  Or more importantly, how is it impacting what toys kids will be getting under their Christmas tree this year? Share your thoughts in the forums.

Personal Note: I’ve recently heard on several occasions, parents in the Star Wars section at various stores, mentioning how they can’t find certain figures (or figures in general).  There’s really not any good reason why figures like Kylo Ren, Rey, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Finn and Stormtroopers galore are not on the pegs right now.  Hasbro should have ensured there was enough product to go around before Christmas – because right now, there’s clearly not.

A Week Before Christmas…


Tomorrow night, many of us will be seeing the highly anticipated new film, but what’s the retail situation looking like with only about  a week before Christmas?

Our focus on this post is really around what’s on the pegs at Wal-Mart, due to their exclusive rights to the 3.75″ Black Series line that most collectors (and yes, even many KIDS) want to get their hands on… we’re seeing reports come in across the continental U.S. that even Wave 3 is showing up in some areas, but sadly, it appears that some Wal-Mart stores have declined to carry this line past the initial wave… even removing space for the figures.

What’s the scoop in your area?  Share your experiences (good and bad) after the jump!

Toyguide Update: Kmart Exclusive 6″ Kylo Ren (Starkiller Base)


The Yakface Toyguide updates continue with the addition of the Kmart Exclusive 6″ Kylo Ren (Starkiller Base) from The Black Series.

PROS:  A big selling point of this version of Kylo Ren is the treatment of his unique lightsaber – which is far superior to the original Black Series design. Instead of relying on a removable blade to contain all three blades, the cross-guard lightsaber is cast all in one piece and collectors are given a separate unlit hilt as an accessory. The deco of this figure is much improved over the #03 release as tighter paint apps have been used on the helmet. Although, the snow effect applied to the soft goods may be a little heavy for my tastes. Kylo Ren has been given a unique “force gesture” left hand which is very expressive in its tooling and excellent for recreating footage we’ve seen thus far. The interlocking base included in this set is a section of the Starkiller Base’s snowy terrain which works very well. It features deep depressions to hold Kylo’s feet rather than foot pegs  to keep him stable. If you’re a non-opener, the overall presentation of this exclusive is perfect for on-shelf display with a nice window box presentation and a cool forest background for the figure that sets it apart from other exclusives in the line.

CONS: There are reports that several people who preordered this through Kmart.com have had their items cancelled without warning. It is unknown at this time the official reasoning behind this but customers are left empty handed in some cases. Kmart as a chain of stores has been steadily diminishing over the past several years so acquiring one of these first hand may prove difficult.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

Can the 3.75″ SA line sustain itself?


Most of us want to see the 3.75″ SA figure line continue, right?  But does it really have to cost this much?  Especially when nearly everything else of comparable size/articulation costs consumers way less?

Is this really Hasbro’s only option to keep a decent articulated line going?  Or instead of full SA figures, why can’t they have the baseline articulation be around 10 points, and have a unified line with a MSRP around $8.99 (such as similar quality to THIS)?

Is a beyond 5POA line that’s more affordable too much to ask for?  Share your thoughts in the forums.

How Was Your Midnight Madness Experience?


All across the world, fans had their first crack at toys from the upcoming film… and from early reports, there wasn’t a whole lot of 3.75″ figures to go around in some areas.  Some places didn’t even receive a single 6″ figure in time.

But, many people also went home happy with their scores – how about you?  Happy?  Mad?  Will kids even have a shot at this stuff this weekend if distribution is as bad as this first night was in some areas?

Share your experiences and finds after the jump!

NEW 6″ Black Series Guavian Enforcer Figure Revealed

If you caught the brief glimpse of this figure in the behind the scenes video, you’ll recognize this latest figure called the “Guavian Enforcer” that leaked on Twitter.

UPDATE: here is a description from the box bio:
“The security soldiers of the Guavian Gang wear high impact armor that makes them stand out among other deadly criminals”

6″ Black Series Press Release Images and Details

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.42.55 AM

Hasbro has release official details for figures revealed during the Star Wars The Force Awakens Global Unboxing Event.

STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES 6-Inch Figure Assortment
(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2015)
The most anticipated film of the year, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, comes to life with STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES for the ultimate collection! Each new 6-inch scale figure is highly articulated and exceptionally detailed. Characters include FINN (JAKKU), REY (JAKKU) with BB-8, KYLO REN, CAPTAIN PHASMA (not shown), FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER, CHEWBACCA and more. Each sold separately.

Continue reading 6″ Black Series Press Release Images and Details