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The Results Are In….


Here are the finalists we tabulated for Hasbro’s 6″ Black Series Fan’s Choice Poll. There were many fantastic entries spanning all eras of the Star Wars mythos, but these 6 were your top vote recipients for 2016.

Hera Syndulla (Star Wars Rebels)
Starkiller/Galen Marek (The Force Unleashed)
Lando Calrissian (The Empire Strikes Back)
Mara Jade (By The Emperor’s Hand)
Gamorrean Guard (Return of the Jedi)
Emperor’s Royal Guard (Return of the Jedi)

Thanks once again to Hasbro for bringing this popular feature back again this year. Look for the final voting to begin on StarWars.com soon.

Premium Format Stormtrooper Commander


Sideshow Collectibles announces today a Premium Format Stormtrooper Commander which will be available exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles dealers. To find a store near you, visit their “Find A Store” link. Question is, now that they’ve done the Commander and are reusing that original stormtrooper sculpt (again), could we see an Incinerator Trooper Premium Format as well?

Premium Format Shaak Ti Pre-Order

Sideshow Collectibles now has the Premium Format Shaak Ti figure from The Force Unleashed up for pre-order. The exclusive edition includes an alternate hand holding Starkiller’s lightsaber.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Shaak Ti Premium Format Figure from LucasArts’ breakthrough Star Wars video game,The Force Unleashed. Sculpted in high-quality polystone with cloth and faux-leather accents, our interpretation of Shaak Ti illustrates the graceful Jedi’s savage beauty and warrior’s strength. Standing proudly at 19 inches in overall height, the Shaak Ti Premium Format Figure serves as a fitting memorial to this heroic Jedi, one of the last survivors of Order 66 and the great Jedi purge.