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Hot Toys Reveals 1:6 Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi) Figures

Hot Toys has revealed the full details for the sixth scale Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi) figures. Available in standard and deluxe versions, this figure looks to be the ultimate representation of the exiled Jedi Master from Episode VIII. The deluxe version includes all of the standard version accessories plus a backpack, a lightning rod, and a Porg! You can check out their full details on the Hot Toys Facebook page.

Be Mindful: The Last Jedi Leaks Abound

As we approach the official release of The Last Jedi, kicking off with the red carpet event this weekend, now may be the time to check out of casual online browsing, especially social media. Entire image galleries from the Visual Dictionary book (released on Dec. 15) have hit sites and even some of the new official TV spots have some pretty surprising reveals (a big one just today) that you may wish to experience in the context of the entire film rather than in a quick clip. Again, official TV spots and trailers are fair game to talk about but if you’re sensitive to “spoilers” the onus is on you to avoid them or seek them out. It is our responsibility to give you the option. If you wish to discuss spoilers, head to our forums.