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Hasbro Reveals Exclusives for Rogue Friday


As promised, Hasbro has unveiled a few of their exclusives for Rogue Friday next week – two of which have leaked prematurely. Head on over to Yahoo to check out the 6″ Black Series Jyn Erso (Kmart), Imperial Hovertank Pilot (ToysRus), Cassian Andor Blaster Rifle (Target), Smart R2-D2 (Walmart) and the Black Series Battlefront Shadow Trooper Helmet (Amazon).

UPDATE: SDCC Exclusive 6″ Black Series Astromech 3-pk.


ToysRUs has updated today finally confirming that they will be offering the 6″ Black Series Astromech Droid 3-pk. as their SDCC Exclusive. It will be available for sale at only at ToysRUs.com starting July 21. It will be available for sale in stores later this year.

Build your Star Wars collection with the Astromech Droid 3-Pack from The Black Series! This collectable showcase of the heroic droids from the Battle of Yavin features exquisite craftsmanship, multiple points of articulation and premium detail that only The Black Series from Hasbro and Star Wars can offer!

Thanks to Mephitsu Archives for the heads up.

UPDATE: Official descriptive text, loose and in-pack shots added.

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Another Chance at Phasma


With Episode 7’s release almost here, there’s no doubt that many kids are going to NOT be able to receive a Captain Phasma figure for Christmas due the relative scarcity of this Hasbro figure.

However, she’s also showing up in the new “Armor Up” wave which is now being found at Toys”R”us stores, so be on the lookout if you’re still hoping to get this figure in time as a gift ($14.99 though, yikes!).

Disney Infinity 3.0 Light FX Figures Available Now


Today, Disney Interactive introduced a new set of six playable  limited edition Star Wars™ Light FX character figures for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. The collectible figures have Lightsabers™ that light up when placed onto the Disney Infinity Base and include Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from Star Wars™ Rise Against the Empire, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars™ Twilight of the Republic and Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels™.

Click on through for the details on where each are available and slight sculpt differences from the original releases.

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Toys”R”Us Exclusive “Epic Battles” 6 Packs Hitting Stores


No, it’s not as delicious as it sounds – actually it’s quite sad. As we discussed last night on The Realm Recap, Hasbro has repacked last year’s Digital Release Commemorative Collection sets into two exclusive “Epic Battles” six packs for Toys”R”Us.

This would have been a great opportunity to release a Ghost crew pack from Star Wars Rebels with an accompanying Empire set.

Nonetheless, it will make things easier for gift giving as there aren’t six individual sets to complete. These are hitting stores now at $40 each.

Click on through to check out larger boxed and loose images courtesy of Toys”R”Us.

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TRU Exclusive “Armor Up” Phasma and Poe Hitting UK

Looks like those Toys”R”Us exclusive Epic Battles/Armor Up figures including Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron are starting to hit stores in the UK.

Thanks to @bizrronick for the tweet