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Sponsor News: K&C Collectibles


K & C Collectibles has added New Black Series 3.75″ Action Figures and Titanium ships.  We are also offering all customer 15% off all product through December 21st, 2016.  No coupon is necessary.  Click the NEW PRODUCT link for a complete list of recently added items.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

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UPDATE: New Toys”R”Us Exclusive Rogue One 2-pk


A new exclusive Deluxe “Vs.” set has popped up on Toys”R”Us.co.uk featuring Captain Cassian Andor and an Imperial Stormtrooper Officer. The Cassian is repacked from the U-Wing Fighter and the Stormtrooper is a repaint of the single carded basic/universe figure.

Click on through for a closer look.

Thanks to MNA for the heads-up.

UPDATE: This is confirmed for a US release as well via Hasbro’s Official Collectors Checklist

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Episode #105: Rogue One, Wallet Zero


Another midnight product launch has come and gone, but the news is not over as we are back this week to discuss the latest developments in Star Wars collecting. Rogue Friday proved to be a more subdued, but more satisfying experience for many this year as stores seemed to have a good amount of merchandise to satiate needy collectors. Flyguy and I discuss our experiences as well as several announcements that came in the hours before and after Sept. 30.  Enjoy the super-sized, and wallet draining Episode 105 of The Realm Recap.

Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel. Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.

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Toyguide Update: 6″ Black Series Imperial Hovertank Pilot (TRU)


The Yakface Toyguide with our first Rogue One entry: the Toys”R”Us Exclusive 6″ Black Series Imperial Hovertank Pilot.

PROS:  Rogue One looks to have an extremely diverse range of Imperial troops in their ranks and Hasbro’s Hovertank Pilot an excellent interpretation of one of them. Unlike the lanky Deathtrooper, the Hovertank Pilot has a stockier build and a battle-warn appearance. Hasbro went above and beyond in giving this figure an in-universe look with a nice wash on the off-white armor complete with scuffs and scrapes. The articulation is what we’ve been accustomed to for this scale so the figure has no problem being posed in a wide and varying range of stances. He has no issue holding the new blaster with both hands in either a relaxed or aiming  posture.

CONS: The jury is still out whether or not the accuracy of the deco for this trooper is correct as we’ve only seen brief glimpses of the pilot in the trailers. If not, I suppose the door is left open for a screen accurate repaint in the future. This figure is exclusive to Toys”R”Us starting on Sept. 30 so he might be difficult to find initially.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

Hasbro Reveals Exclusives for Rogue Friday


As promised, Hasbro has unveiled a few of their exclusives for Rogue Friday next week – two of which have leaked prematurely. Head on over to Yahoo to check out the 6″ Black Series Jyn Erso (Kmart), Imperial Hovertank Pilot (ToysRus), Cassian Andor Blaster Rifle (Target), Smart R2-D2 (Walmart) and the Black Series Battlefront Shadow Trooper Helmet (Amazon).