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Older TVC Continues to Ship to TRU


Last year’s third wave of TVC is continuing to show up in greater numbers now (about a year late!), which is good in a sense, but also one has to wonder if things would be better if this wave just showed up at discounters instead; considering this wave (like Wave 2) is smothered in seven more TPM carry forwards.

On any note, Toys”R”us seems to be the best place to have a chance at scoring newer figures lately, but reports are also coming in that Wal-Mart and Target are finally receiving more TVC shipments as well.  Good luck, and as always, your experience will vary.

$4.99 Sale Ends Soon


Toys”R”us has been running a great sale over the past month – but as a reminder, this sale ends on Saturday.

Stores around the U.S. have been consistently restocking TVC figures for this, most notably the Deleted Scenes wave.  So if you’re in the hunt for these figures, or just want some extra army builders / custom fodder for a good price, you’ve only got a few days left to take advantage of this price.

TRU Stocking for $4.99 Sale


Finding good figures at retail these days is no easy tasks, but reports are trickling in that indicate Toys”R”us is still getting in post-Episode One TVC figures for the current sale that runs through March 16.

With what could be shaping up to be a very disappointing Fall right around the corner with the lackluster range of figures we’ve seen for The Black Series, this sale could be one of the few enjoyable moments of 2013 when it comes to Star Wars collecting.  So keep Toys”R”us on your stops list and good luck!

Class II Vehicles at Toys”R”us


The 2013 shrunken down “mid-sized” vehicles have begun to show up at Toys”R”us stores and I came across them today in the St. Louis area.  They are priced at $21.99.

Not a bad price, but personally it’s hard to get excited by smaller versions of vehicles that we already have… I’d like for Hasbro to realize that much of the problem with the 2012 mid-sized vehicle failure wasn’t the price, it was that everyone already had the vehicles they were trying to push… but enough of the rant, good luck on those toy runs if you’re looking for these!