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A Better TVC Outlook?

It’s still early in the return of TVC, but it appears as though we really could start seeing a resurgance with this line now that Walmart stores are starting to get in both Wave 2 and Wave 3 of TVC this month… but keep in mind, Target shoppers might be in for a dry spell with all the Wave 1 pegwarmers they are sitting on (thanks to the bad decision to repack so many figures in the first wave).

On any note, good luck on those toy runs and hopefully the disparaging times many 3.75″ collectors have been feeling for the past few years will soon be a thing of the past.

UPDATE: Rumor Report: 6″ General Grievous (Target Exclusive)?

A 6″ Black Series General Grievous figure has been rumored for a long time and a few months ago I happened upon a UPC thought to be assigned to this figure. I’ve been checking my usual sources since then hoping for some additional confirmation, and then yesterday while hunting about Brickseek, the UPC finally triggered a corresponding item for $29.99 at Target. The price does fall inline with the likes of the Gamorrean Guard and Moloch, so I’m going with my gut here and thinking that this will also be Target’s exclusive in the US.

That being said, were probably still six months out from its release so release dates may change (see TVC and TBS Mimban Stormtrooper and TVC Rey). Until then, save the above info for your reference and we’ll update when more definitive details are known.

UPDATE: So new info has come to light and the exclusivity of Grievous may be in flux — to the point where it may not be an exclusive at all and just part of a series of Deluxe 6″ Black Series figures.

Always in motion is the future.

Load the Barge!

Since we got Hasbro’s attention with the “Build the Barge” campaign, why don’t we let them know who we’d like to see fill that Sail Barge (along with Skiff Guards and Jabba’s Palace denizens)?

Rules are the same as the other Yak’s Top Tens:

  • Pick up to 10 figures you’d like to see done in 3.75” The Vintage Collection scale.
  • If submissions have more than ten entries, only the first ten will be considered!
  • Do not list multipacks as a single entry.
  • Only one vote per character.
  • All figures are eligible, whether it’s a new figure, a repaint, re-issue, deluxe, etc.
  • Feel free to add descriptions to any of your choices, such as pack-ins.

Voting will end on September 10 – you can do so by posting in the forums or in the comments section of this article.