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Episode 347: The Price Match Mind Trick

The figures are out there. They are not easy to find, they are not plentiful, but if you hit the stores often enough, if you’re lucky enough, if the Force is with you, new Star Wars Vintage Collection figures are in stores to be bought. And not just action figures, new Star Wars Titanium vehicles are hitting stores, plus even more Star Wars toys are on closeout for the bargain hunters out there.
On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast, Arnie and Marjorie run down a number of recent store finds, from $10 Battle Packs and Deluxe Figures at Tuesday Morning to half off figure sales to a K-Mart markdown that you won’t B-lieve! And also on this week’s show, they review the Wave 12 Vintage Collection Star Wars figures that they received this past week from Brian’s Toys.
With a UK store and convention report from Steve The Gingerprince, and a price match showdown at Wal Mart, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

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More Vintage Findings!

For the second week in a row, a TRU in my area has stocked two cases of new figures – still not nearly enough to go around, but a positive sign hopefully.

The new Death Squad Commander is a fantastic figure for sure, but I missed out on Darth Malgus, and decided to pass on the other new figures from the wave.  There will be another time, but for now I was just happy to get these great figures from Wave 3.

Who else has found this elusive wave at retail?  Send those store reports in or share your experiences/thoughts on this wave here.

Vintage Collection AT-ST Revealed!

The gang at Sandtroopers.com have revealed an upcoming K-Mart exclusive that’s sure to be popular with fans – a vintage style packaged AT-ST!

This repaint of the previous Wal-Mart and Target offering has new paint deco, but appears to lack having the amazing new AT-ST driver that was part of the Target offering previously.

Still, it looks damn cool and this is one that I know I’ll be wanting to track down (or two!).

Lost Line Images at Sandtroopers

Our friends at Sandtroopers.com have posted loose and carded images of the 6 upcoming “Lost Line” Hasbro figures available at SDCC in the Exclusive Carbon Freezing Chamber Set (along with the exclusive Vintage carded Jar Jar in Carbonite). These figures will also be available in the TVC collection and this “Lost Line” look as UGH-style “chase” cards at retail. You can read the full details about them from our Toy Fair 2012 coverage here. Head over the Sandtroopers.com for the images.