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“Desert Den” Playsets Arriving


If you pre-ordered a “Desert Den” playset from Twelfth Parsec, start keeping an eye on your email for a shipping notice as these have begun to arrive on the doorsteps of collectors.

Personal Note:  Independent groups who are actually fans themselves are starting to take advantage of Hasbro’s negligence on the playset front, and hopefully we will see bigger and better things like this in the future.

On any note, head to the forums for a closer look.

Desert Alcove Sets Available for Preorder


After a boring Toy Fair, and really a down time for 3.75″ collecting in general, there’s finally something to get excited about!  Thanks to Twelfth Parsec, who is now offering preorders for some spectacular looking Desert Alcove playsets, collectors can FINALLY have something to proudly display their various action figures in.

Collectors who got in on their amazing “Space Trees” playsets last year were able to finally have a place for their furball warriors to call home, and can attest to the quality and value of the items made available by the folks at Twelfth Parsec.  Check out the conversations by those who have received previous products from them here in our forums.

So, if you are a collector and want to spice up your action figure scenes, these Desert Alcove sets may be just what you’ve been waiting for.  Support this team as they listen to what fans are asking for as they are themselves collectors too, and we can hope that with success on this latest playset items that we’ll see more great products in the future.

On any note, isn’t it frustrating that the big companies with all the resources in the world overlook amazing products like these mini playsets and instead focus resources on stuff like this?  It’s all the reason why so many collectors and fans of the hobby in general have been voicing strong opinions in the forums about the state of the hobby for quite some time.

Custom Tree Huts Project Update


The guys at TwelfthParsec have written in to let us know about an update on their campaign to deliver some cool Ewok related items to the market (including playsets).  They have met their fundraising goal, but have been able to extend their campaign a bit longer with some new stretch goals in mind, and for each goal met, contributors will get special perks with additional accessories with their order.

Read all about it here, and their campaign page can be accessed here.   Better act quick if you want to get your hands on one of these sets though, the campaign ends in one week!

Space Trees Campaign Update


The guys at TwelfthParsec, who are bringing out some great looking Space Trees playsets, have asked us to help spread the word that their goal has been met, but if they can reach a Bonus Goal, everyone who contributes to their campaign will receive a special Torch Railing with their set.  However, time is running out to get in on this deal!  Click on the above image for more details, or head on over to the forums to share your thoughts.

I’m getting very excited about finally having a modern Ewok Village – are you?

“Space Trees” Playset Update


For those of you who have contributed so far to the “Space Trees” playset campaign, the guys at Twelfth Parsec have already met their campaign funding goal!  There’s also still time to get your order in, which you can do by clicking here.  They expect to start seeing their customers receive their items in July. 

Our friends at Imperialshipyards will also be hosting a podcast with Twelfth Parsec on March 20, you can find those details here – and also discuss your thoughts on this campaign (and speculate on what they have coming next!) in our forums.