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Rumor Confirmed: 6″ Black Series Dryden Vos Revealed

Another rumor has been confirmed. 6″ Black Series Dryden Vos was just officially announced at Fan Expo Canada as shared by Star Wars Underworld on Twitter.

Also confirmed is our rumor of Captain Phasma being reissued in the  Vintage Collection.

Update: Official Hasbro glams added in the comments.

From the Workbench: Imperial AT-DT Repaint

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought that the new Imperial AT-DT was underwhelming in the deco department. So I thought I’d make my first attempt at repainting a vehicle. If you follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram, you were able to follow the progress of this project over the course of a few hours. Click on through to check out the before and after and see how a little paint can go a long way in improving Hasbro’s fantastic sculpt.

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6” Black Series L3-37 Images

Official images for the 6” Black Series L3-37 have been released. Thanks to @Eggmanstudiossig for passing on the images.

New S.H.Figuarts Figures Revealed

AmiamiHobbyNews on Twitter has posted some great reveals from Tamashii Comic-Con featuring new S.H.Figuarts figures from Bandai. Click on through to check out Spirit Obi-Wan, Jawa, Yoda (ROTS), R5-D4, Shocktrooper, Utapau Clone Trooper, Han Solo in Carbonite, and a wild Honyaku Karakuri C-3PO.

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Ma Ma Ma Moloch Face

The new Force Link 2.0 Moloch has a secret. Stephen Hayford shares a new photo of the figure revealing a face beneath the insectoid-like mask. Neat!