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Toy Fair 2018: Hasbro Press Release Images

There was a lot to take in over the weekend with the new product announcements and initiatives from Hasbro at Toy Fair 2018. For an overview of the products revealed, click on through to checkout press release images for Force Link, Black Series and Vintage Collection products.

Thanks to Cargo Hold co-host Chris K. for the links.

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More Black Series Discounts at Walmart

Many across the country are finding deep discounts on 6″ Black Series whether through errors in the system at Target for Wave 15, or clearance markdowns to $5 each at Walmart. For a few weeks, the 3.75″ Black Series was down to $8.84 but tonight I found them for $4.00 (Brooklyn Park, MN). There were dozens of Ackbar, Ahsoka and Lando but I did manage to score a couple Imperial Death Troopers and Cassians for customs, trooper building and diorama filler.

Clearance of Destiny

In what should not be a surprise to many, Walmart stores are starting to clearance the Forces of Destiny line as part of their “post-Christmas” clearance binge.  Check your local store if you were looking to acquire these.

Personal Note:  I thought this line was doomed as soon as it was announced.  And I rarely see anyone pay attention to them in the stores (I do casually observe other customers).  This felt like a “forced niche” item that Disney pushed, and I would feel this line has fallen short of retailer expectations to this point.   For those that do like it, or have children that enjoy these, I hope the line continues for years to come.  But I personally can’t see it having legs for an extended time; unless it’s marketed better and perhaps the product moved to the store section the audience these are targeted at frequent most.

Got Ross?

Hasbro’s “Wal-Mart Exclusive” Black Series AT-ST is showing up at some Ross stores for a mere $21.99 – one heck of a price for this spectacular vehicle and driver figure.

Personal Note:  Chalk this up to another miscalculation by Hasbro… while they made the legs more sturdy, and this is a fantastic toy, the standard MSRP of $59.99 is just too much for a vehicle that has seen multiple releases over the past decade; especially when the target audience is people who probably have already bought multiples of it.

However, if it came with a Jedha rebel, and perhaps a small Jedha building wall section, this would have been a smash hit – but that kind of thinking probably doesn’t even cross Hasbro’s mind.

Rumor Report: What We Know For Solo

With The Last Jedi in the rear view mirror for many, we can continue our focus to products for Solo: A Star Wars. As a refresher, we revealed through several articles (below in reverse chronological order going back to October) new products from Hasbro and Mattel.

Stay tuned for a more accurate breakdown of the first wave (wave 16?) of 6″ Black Series figures that will include characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story very soon.

Also, a friendly tip: 99% of the products with UPCs that we have shared over the months, can be found directly on Amazon.com and Walmart.com with a little app-fu and the barcode scanner built into their respective apps. You’re welcome :).

New Forces of Destiny Product Listings and Images

Today we have some new Forces of Destiny listings to share via Brickseek (and confirmed via Amazon). One of them confirms our report of a new rumored vehicle plus figure joining this line in 2018, others are 2 new adventures dolls and the addition of a new assortment of Creatures and Droids which will interest fans of Ewoks, Porgs (and baby porgs), and a green Jedi Master. Click on through for the details and a few images.

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