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New 3.75 Black Series Found In US


Yakface reader Al Chalant writes in with the discovery of the newest Black Series 3.75″ figures at Walmart near Detroit, MI.

Comes with a couple of each in eac case looks like. With repackaged of everybody but Poe, Chewie and Ceremony Leia.

Han Solo – 630509431779
Phasma – 630509431755
Leia – 630509431762

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Nien Nunb Wave hits STL


Few people have seen the Unkar Plutt or Admiral Ackbar wave… Han Solo is nearly impossible to find… and now Hasbro’s distribution inconsistencies continue, as the Nien Nunb wave (including mask-less Kylo Ren) has show up at a Wal-Mart in the St. Louis area (thank you Scott for the report).

Who else has seen these and newer Hasbro figures at retail?  Let us know how those toy runs are going after the jump!

Episode #92: That New Figure Smell


On this week’s episode Flyguy and I talk about the surprise reveal (via auctions) 4 new super articulated figures for The Force Awakens, figures hitting retail and the imminent release of the Takodana Encounter set. Funko had a big reveal of 9 new POP! figures last week featuring characters from the Original Trilogy and the Prequels including more Walgreens exclusives. Lastly Episode VIII filming is well underway and we discuss new characters, vehicles, and beasts on set. All of this and much more on  Episode #92 of The Realm Recap.

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Ackbar, Leech and Inquisitor Hitting Walmart

Instagram follower sandrockgundam04 tags us in the above Walmart  find of Admiral Ackbar, Tasu Leech and the Fifth Brother Inquisitor from The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels.

Deep Discounts on Jakks Big Figs


Facebook follower Ricky Resurreccion writes in with his current store find of clearance Jakks figures:

Hi there, you may want to pass this news along. Been working some SF Bay Area Walmarts and they have the 48″ Jakks Vader and FO Stormtrooper on clearance for $21. I suggest peeps scan the barcodes even if they have their retail prices stuck on it. I had my stores ring up $21 for the 48″s. And the Jakks plain-vanilla R2-D2 are not advertised as on clearance but believe me, they are. Usually sells for $50, they are on sale for $13. At these prices, I grabbed a couple for my boys.

Nice finds Ricky!