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Spark of Rebellion DVD Early Release?

Stephen Stanton (The Clone Wars) tweeted an image last night showing some signage at Walmart and you’ll notice that the release date for Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion is listed for October 3 – the same day the special airs on the Disney Channel. This contradicts the October 14 release date stated back in August. Signage could be wrong, or Walmart has an exclusive distribution deal with Disney/Lucasfilm.

Wal-Mart Clearancing Saga Legends


Our friends at Jeditemplearchives recently reported that Wal-Mart stores are starting to clear out their stock of SAGA Legends figures, dropping them down to $3.00 each.  I’m seeing the same thing in my neck of the woods.  As always, your mileage may vary.

Personal Note:  This price drop is puzzling, unless Wal-Mart just feels this line is not worth their time.  I can only hope that a signal is being sent to Hasbro that investing in their line with quality, variety and more intelligent case assortments is better in the long run for the health of their brands.