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Jedi Force Multi-Packs


One of Hasbro’s better toy offerings this Fall in my opinion isn’t even in the regular Star Wars section – it’s down by the Imaginext toys – it’s the Jedi Force Jabba’s Palace Rescue set.  Priced at $16.99, ths is clearly one of Hasbro’s better values these days and is a great set.  It would be nice for Hasbro to continue this format for a while and include some more creatures and cool centerpiece toys in this line for the younglings. 

While your mileage may vary, I’ve seen this set at a handful of Targets – but not yet at Wal-Mart or Toys”R”us.  Good luck hunting if you’d like to add this to your collection (or buy for a little one!).

Why do people sink this low?


Swapping figures and returning an undesired item in a different package is the same as stealing, and what’s worse is sometimes a kid ends up with something as a present that they didn’t expect. 

I always shake my head in disgust when I come across a figure hanging on the pegs like the example image above – but forum member dj121 puts it rather well when he says, “That swap make absolutely NO sense at all.”

With The Black Series line having issues with their bubbles falling off the package, we might soon be seeing scumbags resort to this practice even more this Fall and also more suspicious ebay auctions like the one our friends at Jeditemplearchives recently pointed out

So, be on the lookout not only for new figures, but figure swaps unfortunately!  And share your thoughts and recent finds in our forums!

Older TVC Continues to Ship to TRU


Last year’s third wave of TVC is continuing to show up in greater numbers now (about a year late!), which is good in a sense, but also one has to wonder if things would be better if this wave just showed up at discounters instead; considering this wave (like Wave 2) is smothered in seven more TPM carry forwards.

On any note, Toys”R”us seems to be the best place to have a chance at scoring newer figures lately, but reports are also coming in that Wal-Mart and Target are finally receiving more TVC shipments as well.  Good luck, and as always, your experience will vary.