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TFA Clearances Getting Almost Ridiculous


While Hasbro may consider their TFA lineup a success, it’s hard to believe that most retailers are quite as pleased given the mass quantities of product collecting dust and getting marked down by ridiculous margins… many of Hasbro’s lines have been marked down significantly at places like Walmart.  The same can be said for the goofy Spin Masters gimmick toys.

Personal Note:  As for basic 3.75″ figures, we all know what most of us are experiencing.  Empty pegs or the obvious pegwarmers hanging around.  Wasted toy runs over and over.  Will Hasbro get their act together for the upcoming films and actually produce better offerings in the basic figure lines instead of focusing on all the destined to be doomed gimmick lines?  How much patience can retailers have with such weak product lines?  What happened to the company that once took pride in the Star Wars brand?  Why can’t they get product the product they make that IS in demand onto the shelves?  Share your thoughts in the forums.

Above Walmart clearance photo credit goes to darthapathy via our forums.  Expect to see many more reports of immense markdowns this summer, folks!

New 3.75 Black Series Found In US


Yakface reader Al Chalant writes in with the discovery of the newest Black Series 3.75″ figures at Walmart near Detroit, MI.

Comes with a couple of each in eac case looks like. With repackaged of everybody but Poe, Chewie and Ceremony Leia.

Han Solo – 630509431779
Phasma – 630509431755
Leia – 630509431762

Click on through for additional images.

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