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SWTOR Customizing Tribute Roundup Report

As many of our readers sadly remember, the Star Wars fan community lost one of its most spirited customizers last July, Mike Martinez, known around the forums as Mercuryartstudios.

In his honor, three fan sites came together to realize a customizing contest that he had been working on, and the participation was amazing.  We would like to thank the customizing community for such a strong showing in this multi-site customizing tribute to our friend that we miss so much.  The theme was anything related to SWTOR, and entries could be fan fiction, etc. but did need to include three figures.  It was basically a “loose interpretation” of an Evolutions theme from SWTOR.

The event has now come to a close, and we have a Roundup Report showing off all 60 customs made for this, as well, as some random winners, and a grand prize winner who is walking away with a very cool Star Wars collectible.

Check out the Roundup Report, and enjoy all the cool customs by clicking on the image above!

More Vintage Findings!

For the second week in a row, a TRU in my area has stocked two cases of new figures – still not nearly enough to go around, but a positive sign hopefully.

The new Death Squad Commander is a fantastic figure for sure, but I missed out on Darth Malgus, and decided to pass on the other new figures from the wave.  There will be another time, but for now I was just happy to get these great figures from Wave 3.

Who else has found this elusive wave at retail?  Send those store reports in or share your experiences/thoughts on this wave here.

Yakfinities # 44 Continues

The latest Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues, and with a theme that we haven’t tackled before, there’s some very interesting concepts being shown off in the forums. 

And with the lull in new product these days, there’s never been a better time to roll up your sleeves and add some new figures to your collection in a different way – by creating your own figures!  So check out some really cool customs or submit your own after the jump!

Customizer Mega Spotlight

We continue to have fantastic custom work shown off in our forums, and it’s only right to highlight more of the hard efforts of our resident customizers!

First off, Darth Daddy has created an awesome custom of Numa from the Clone Wars… take note Hasbro! This adorable little Twi’lek should have been made by now!

Next up, forumite super360 shares a very cool clone sergeant he’s working on – check it out here!

Fans of KOTOR will instantly recognize Bao-Dur from forum member stocos28Click here for more pics of this fantastic custom that  Hasbro has chosen to ignore.

Last but not least, forum member WookieeBalls shares his entries that he made for the recent tribute to MercuryArtStudios – check out his amazing customs here!