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The 10th Anniversary of SAGA

It’s hard to believe it, but a decade has passed since the AOTC line officially launched at retail.

Personally, I can recall a night of hitting every Wal-Mart in my area looking for that dang Royal Guard, and hearing some guy bragging about how he found two of them at a different Wal-Mart… only the next morning, to find that Toy”R”us had gotten in dozens of that assortment, and feeling relieved, but broke!

Feel free to relive the excitement of that launch in our forums or at the message board at Jeditemplearchives, and special thanks to forum member Darth Eddie for the reminder!

Customizer Mega Spotlight

Tonight we highlight more of the outstanding customizing work being shown off by Yakface forum members.  So kick back, and enjoy!

First off, customizing legend jedistyle leads things off with a fantastic rendition of a Duros Jedi – check it out here.

Next up, we have a cool classic style Gonk droid and more from jlw515 – great stuff you won’t want to miss!

The interesting female custom shown above is courtesy of Knighthawk – you can see several more pics of this custom and others he’s made in his customizing thread.

Last but not least, forum member stormforce customs shows off his sculpting skills with a rendition of  really cool Jedi Master!

If you can’t sell it, mark it down…

Barely a month after new product hit the shelves, some Wal-Marts are already putting some of Hasbro’s new line on clearance.  It seems like some retailers are realizing that vastly inferior repacks from a decade ago aren’t in demand; especially at inflated prices  – how long before Hasbro realizes this too?

For more details on what was found marked down in the St. Louis area today, click on the image above.