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Rebel Militia Customizing Challenge


Our current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge only has a couple weeks left, as entries will be accepted through June 30.

So, if you’re planning on making a custom figure, be sure to get your entry submitted before the deadline!  Or if you’d just like to kick back and check out some cool customs made by other collectors, the forums are just a click away!

New Yakfinities Coming Soon


Another Yakfinities Customizing Challenge will launch in July, but before then, we need for our forum members to decide on the theme.  Head on over to the forums to cast your vote.

Also don’t forget, there’s still a few weeks left to submit an entry in the current Yakfinities, Rebel Militia (lots of great customs posted already, so be sure to check those out even if you’re not a customizer).

Yakfinities Customizing Challenges Continue


One of the best things about customizing is recognizing the many different techniques and approaches to creating custom figures.  Case in point, recently we’ve seen two very different approaches to creating a Trandoshan – head to the forums for a closer look.

Also, our current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues through the end of March – and the theme is Bounty Hunters – so if you’re a customizer, what are you waiting for?  Create a custom and join in the fun… over 40 customs have already been created this round, and we hope to see many more!  And remember, we give away prizes at the end.

Yakfinities: Create a Custom Bounty Hunter


The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has just over a month left – so if you like to customize, or have never created a custom but are looking for a reason to, we invite you to participate in Yakfinities #55 – Bounty Hunters.

The variety of entries thus far has been great, but there’s always room for more submissions, and remember, we’re going to have some random winners (regardless of skill level) after this wraps up at the end of March – so head on over to the forums and submit your custom, or just click through to see the cool creations made already.

Let the Hunt Begin…


We kick off the new year with another fun Yakfinities Customizing Challenge – Bounty Hunters!  Yakface forum members have already started strong with several entries submitted, and we’ll be accepting submissions through March 31.  For more details, click here.

Keep an eye on our front page as we’ll be announcing the prize winners for Yakfinities #54 – Order 66 Survivors soon!

Yakfinities #54 Continues…

Our current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge runs through December 31, and the theme of Order 66 Survivors grants all customizers a lot of freedom to make some great fan-fiction figures.

As always, we’ll have some cool prizes for a few random entries.  Head on over to the forums to see what’s been created so far, or to submit your own entry after the jump!

Yakfinities #54 Continues…


The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues through December 31, which gives all customizers plenty of time to create their own Order 66 Survivor!  Head on over to the forums to submit your own custom, or just to enjoy the great work by other fans from around the world.

And as always, we’ll be giving out some random prizes for three entries, so there’s no reason for customizers to not to take part!