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Yakfinities #46: Voting Has Begun

It’s that time again – time to make your voice heard and vote for the next Yakfinities Customizing theme!  Will Jabba’s Goons dominate the voting?  Will Clone Wars make a comeback and win out?  Or will the Undead claw their way to the top? 

These votes are usually very close, so your selection could be the deciding factor!  If you’re registered in our forums, your vote is just a click away.

Yakfinities 45: Imperial Troopers

The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues to go strong, as by my count we’re up to more than 20 new customs made specifically for this theme.  But there’s still an entire month left, so head on over to the forums and check out the latest customs or submit your own Imperial Trooper by clicking here!

We’re also kicking off discussion for ideas for the next Yakfinities, which will run from October – December.  So, if you’ve got a some good ideas, share them with us by leaving a comment here, or in the forums.

Yakfinities # 44 Continues

The latest Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues, and with a theme that we haven’t tackled before, there’s some very interesting concepts being shown off in the forums. 

And with the lull in new product these days, there’s never been a better time to roll up your sleeves and add some new figures to your collection in a different way – by creating your own figures!  So check out some really cool customs or submit your own after the jump!

Yakfinities #44 – Cloud City Denizens

Another new Customizing Challenge has just launched in the forums, and runs all the way through the end of June!

This gives customizers three months to create a custom for the latest theme, Cloud City Denizens… all you have to do is make a custom of a character that lives on Cloud City, or  simply a traveler passing through — established or completely fan-fiction — it’s up to you!

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran customizer or new to this great part of the hobby, join in the fun after the jump!