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By darthvlad
trs55 wrote:found more a wings, at-st etc @ ross

trs55 wrote:California

They must all get dumped there in CA. We don't get anything but 2 packs and Rathtars in StL. :lol:
By trs55
also, more solo 2 packs hit as well at the stores I went to. about 8-10 pieces each store. hound and han/chewie. c-3po/r2-d2 2 packs will show up probably next week.
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By Jodo
I’ve been to a few Ross and Gordmans the last few months, and there isn’t anything at the IL stores either...Though the IN store I went to had the two packs. If I saw the A-Wing I’d probably get it.

Also, am I making this up, or did Five Below receive TIE Strikers at some point?
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By Jodo
I may have to stop by one soon then. I wouldn’t mind another Tie Striker, since mine was defective from the time I purchased it, and I had already thrown the box/receipt away before I realized it.
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