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Jodo wrote:I smell a Haslab project!

How awesome would that be if Haslab produced a decently scaled cantina with movie accurate details including the distillery piece and 3 figures; Wuher and the Tonnika sisters? I'd pay up to $500 for that.
Jodo wrote:I smell a Haslab project!

Life size Tonnika?

Please, dear god, Hasbro/Disney, if you DO release a Tonnika, let's ditch the horrid backstory from the POS "Tales of the Cantina" book. I thought the whole point of discarding the EU was so we could ignore that ridiculous crap!

They nearly ruined the Dannik Jerriko figure trying to give him tentacle cheeks all because of that garbage book.
Jodo wrote:I remember almost immediately losing the tentacles too. :?

I lost them on purpose! but he still has holes in his face, which I hate.

WOOOF wrote:I'm missing one I think. He didn't have tentacles in the movie?

No. He just stands there, smoking his portable hookah, looking all judgey and aloof.

The idiot book writer thought, "Hey, well, he's got some minor prosthetic on his cheeks. I know!! I'll say that those cheeks house brain eating tentacles! That's not at all an unbelievably stupid, hacky idea!"
I'd definitely like to see the Tonnikas made to fill out my own cantina diorama. But it just feels like it's not going to happen. Hasbro can barely be bothered to make a cantina alien these days. And when it comes to Hasbro getting licensor approval from Lucasfilm and/or Disney? It might be a safe assumption to think that they would never approve the production of action figures of characters who were referred to as "Star Whores" in various production notes. The risk of a public relations debacle is too great compared to the revenue from making those figures. Especially when some people started losing their minds about the first Black Series Leia for being too sexual, because it was the ROTJ slave costume.
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You do have a good point about the potential PR nightmare. It's a shame that a select few loud voices could ruin it for everyone. And if there was a bit of shouting/condeming, there would with no doubt be some media jumping on it as click bait. Hasbro/Disney would not want that.

Hopefully though, that would not happen and we could just get these figures finally made. So many collectors would be happy.


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