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What should the theme be for Yakfinities #73?

Retro Style
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Ancient Jedi
Self Customs
Dark Side Users
Unknown Regions
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By Jodo
Lance has some good ideas! I haven’t started mine yet, but Custom “selfies” might be cool. I’d also be down for Imperials or Expanded Universe characters.
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By darthapathy
Those are some great ideas so far. Here are few more


"Selfies" is an interesting idea but not sure if it would work for a Yakfinities. To me a selfie would be a "one and done" kind of custom. In my opinion, the only way you could do multiple entries is if you were lucky enough to have several heads that resemble yourself and you made multiple versions (Mandalorian, Stormtrooper disguise, Jedi, Pilot, etc.)
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By darthapathy
Jodo wrote:I thought about that as well, but then I also thought that characters could have costume changes and different helmets, etc.

Maybe we can do a side custom contest, a Mini-Yakfinity if you will where you can enter one "Selfie" custom. What do you think?
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By Starchaser
There are some great ideas here. I concur with darthapathy regarding the "selfie" idea. I've built one figure of "myself" (for an old imperialshipyards contest) and I'm not likely to do another. There has been a pirates custom contest here - though a long time ago - and I did pirates with the criminals contest we did recently. We've also just did a concept contest which covers "what if" - at least in my opinion.

If we did broad categories it would leave open possibilities for folks to do several customs, for example:
Celebrities (which could include entertainers, sports figures, actors)
Dignitaries (which could include ambassadors, senators, royalty/nobility and court folks - like Sim Aloo)
Medical personnel (which could include field medics, EMT types, doctor/nurses, and even researchers)
Intelligence (which could include "spies", members of the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, "infochants" - like the Bothans, and other operatives like assassins, hackers and saboteurs)

Just my thinking.
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By darthvlad
Entertainers? Nah, it'll never be chosen. :wink: :lol:

It does looks like I need to re-make my P-Siddy since he is MIA and I've got other ideas for his posse... it's just finding time to do them. Summer's just too busy.
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By johnmorog
I think a selfie one would be awesome. Maybe only run it for a month or 2 instead of a full 3 months.
Entertainers would be pretty good. I could use some Twi'leks and a gamorrean geisha.
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By ImperialOfficer
A selfie one might be ok, but I think it would work better as a side contest and with some time before to figure out which parts to use.
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