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What should the theme be for Yakfinities #73?

Retro Style
No votes
Ancient Jedi
Self Customs
Dark Side Users
Unknown Regions
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By Utinniii
I didn't vote Entertainers since the champion for it will be too busy in the summer. We can revisit it for the Apri-June contest (as Jan will probably be E9 related and Sept-Oct is perfect for a holiday themed contest.)
Selfie can most likely be shoehorned in as anything, even as a background character for whatever backstory (informant, courier, lackey...) is created for the "themed" character.
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By darthvlad
Don't worry about me. If Entertainers gets voted in, i'll make the time to get at least one done. I think I'll have a little time at the end of July/early August when we ship our kids off for a week or so to the grandparents.
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By Jodo
Good luck DarthVlad. I have been in such a hobby slump lately, that nothing seems to draw me out of it....

I voted for selfie customs! If it gets voted in, I honestly am hopeful it will light a fire under my butt for a wider range of figures and stuff for "my character" to interact with. A custom Correlian vessel sound cool...
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By ImperialOfficer
I really hope self customs doesn't win, since there aren't many figures that look like me, and I have looked at a lot of figures. It also seems like a boring challenge since it is so specific, and everyone can really only make one custom.
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By Jodo
I have several figures that require shared parts. There’s no reason why people can’t make several different figures that share the same head, or use different heads for different looks.
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By Starchaser
So this is a hard one: My personal favorite would be ancient Jedi (but I've already built Odan-Urr), but as no one has voted for it, it seems an unlikely contender. I've already weighed in on the "selfie" idea - I like it and would support it, but have already built "me" and won't do another. Unknown regions give the opportunity to do some unique species (or a lot of Chiss) - which is always fun (because it easily could include original species), but I think the "entertainers" deserve some love. I overthinking it? Yes.
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