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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:Nice score!!!

I have been hitting my local Walmarts when I can almost every morning the past 2 weeks... last Monday I just missed Wave 2, and this morning I found some Wave 3 remnants - whoever found Wave 2 there last week before I did must have left these when they picked up Wave 3 goodies:

Was happy to find them.


Great find! I don't have the strength to hunt anymore (especially since the tragic death of TRU and I have no local walmarts anyway), but I got the good news that my TVC Wave 2 figures from EE are on the truck and headed my way. Finally!!!
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By Starchaser
I had an excellent day Monday at one (but only one) of our local Walmarts, found everything except Dr. Aphra. So I think they're getting out there now.
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By darthvlad
I hit up a Walmart today that I hadn't been to in a long while because I usually never find anything there. Find fully stocked pegs of Mimbans and TVC waves 2 and/or3. They had everything except the Death Trooper. I grabbed the TVC that I was looking for, so it's nice to get that off the list.
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By YAK_Chewie
Scored two TVC Range Troopers yesterday at Walmart by my house...

Haven't seen the Death Trooper or Luke yet, not sure if I would buy them if I saw them or not... I have noticed that the Cassian figures I have seen all have excellent paint jobs.

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By Jodo
Picked up my final Tank Driver a few night ago thanks to a tip from FB...But the card has separated from the bubble! That might quickly become an issue for carded collectors again, since it was nearly case fresh.
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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:damaged card which is why it's hanging around...

The funny thing when I found my TVC the other day was I grabbed it if the card was nice and didn't even check the paint apps. How sad.
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By darth_sidious
Picked up Aphra today at WM - skipped the rest of the wave. I cant believe this is only the second TVC figure I've purchased this year. I really wish TVC had assortments that gave a diverse range of characters, that aren't also in the basic line. I'm happy its a new character at least, since that's my TVC focus going forward.
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By Lance Quazar
I don't have any Walmarts in my region, but I was outside my zone today and stopped into a Walmart. They had three Enfys Nests, one range trooper and one young Solo. It was surreal seeing those figures on the pegs, as I haven't seen ANY new VC figures at Target. They are painfully slow to stock new stuff and it's extremely aggravating (which is why I went the EE route to get those new figures.)

There were also two TIEs on the shelves. Very tempted, but I can't be making large purchases while unemployed (again!) Sigh.
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By Raylen
Just today I was at Walmart and yep, more of Wave 1. But also more of 2 and 3 at least. But OF COURSE all out of tank drivers! Meanwhile at Target.... still nothing new AT ALL, at any of them, except their exclusives
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By I-am-Boba-Fett
Finally found two TVC Tank drivers, a Range trooper, and a Doctor Aphra at WM two weeks ago. Nothing new since then at my Wally World. Target yesterday had five TVC First Order Stormtroopers at full price. I easily passed on all of them. If those stormtroopers had been OT stormies I would have bought every one of them at full price. Target had no other TVC besides those five FO Stormtroopers.
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