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By Imaculata
This looks absolutely horrible. You know, in the back of my head I was kind of telling myself that at least the second playset would be a proper plastic playset... but they're BOTH cardboard?! Come on Hasbro!
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By Imaculata
If I wanted to get the playset, it would add import costs on top of those $45. All for some cardboard.

I kind of want to see someone make a proper custom train playset of their own, just to show Hasbro how it's done.
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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:I had the Vandor playset in my hands today at Target.

But, I just can not justify spending $45 on a dang cardboard playset. :roll:

The box was a lot heavier than I expected.


Wow! I had the exact same experience. Saw it in stores (the only thing new I've seen in a while, alas), but had to leave it. I just want the gate. (The Chewie is nice, too, and the goggles look removable...?) But I definitely need to wait for clearance for this one. $45 for a gate and a figure is a bridge too far.
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By Jodo
I found the playset as well today...But was torn between the $45 for it, or $35 for the BB-8 TLJ Playset. Talk about the "paper or plastic" debate!
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By reverendstrone
I just can't get excited by these, and especially not for the price. I know these are aimed at kids, but even as a kid, I think these would have disappointed me. They just don't do anything interesting. At the very least, the Vandor set should have had a moving conveyex. That seems like a huge missed opportunity to me.

I'd like to get that Chewie figure at some point, but I can't justify the cost of this just for that figure. The only chance I will pick it up is if it is clearanced at some point, and it would be for Chewie only. There's nothing else in here that I need, so the cardboard elements would be trashed and plastic parts become custom-build diorama fodder.
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By reverendstrone
Looking more closely, it appears the only thing new about this Chewie is his goggles. Otherwise he's the same as the regular carded release. 'Reckon I can live without him.
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