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By Jodo
I really want the Rio and Kesel guy! Val actually looks like a really good sculpt as well.

The only one that seems to be lacking is L3. It just looks like something out of a kid's meal to me. I think they knocked K-2SO out of the park for Rogue One, but from what I've seen of L3, it just seems to be less quality.
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By Lance Quazar
Well, I got a case of Solo Wave 4 from EE. I completely forgot I pre-ordered it, so it was a bit of a shock.

I only wanted a few figures, the rest are already up for sale....hint hint, ;)

I really like Val (though there's an issue with her goggles blending into her fur lining and becoming invisible), and I like Beckett just fine, but don't quite love him. I'm a little lukewarm on L3. There's a chance I may sell her off down the road.

I have Quay, but haven't opened him yet. Not sure if he's a keeper, though I dig the funky design.

Still shocking that they remade another "salt shaker" style Royal Guard. Weaksauce, Hasbro.

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