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By reverendstrone
Yep, you said it. It seems nowadays that we get a thin selection of subjects from across a movie rather than any real attempt to fulfill any one scene's full potential or encourage companion purchases.
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By Lance Quazar
Jodo wrote:Themed toys are a must. Someone mentioned it here before, but what other toys did the Ski Speeder interact with? Did the police patrol craft only hunt Rose and Finn?

They should have automatically produced Moloch's speeder and the patrol speeder bike for playability and interactivity. Otherwise, there isn't too much kids can do with the individual pieces to recreate movie scenes. Plus, I'm not apt to display them either, given my limited shelf space and no reason to display an incomplete scene.

Totally agree. The ski speeder was cast adrift. Kylo's ship and the A-wing were at least part of the same battle. But why have the police speeder without a fathier? (don't get me wrong, I love TLJ, but even I don't like the fathier chase.) With TLJ, it seems like they didn't have a lot of options.

But with Solo, Moloch's speeder or at least the imperial speeder would have been great with the Han speeder. Enfys Nest's speeder, while cool, is also adrift and lonely.

With Force awakens, we got two extra speeders that weren't even in the final movie!! Oh, dear. What a mess.
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By darth_sidious
With interest in toys dropping among kids, I'm not surprised that Hasbro is scaling back. For Solo, wave 4 of the basic line will contain a number of characters, along with the 2-pack assortment, and then there is the home release multipack - not to mention any TVC figures. I honestly think that's plenty, I'd just like a few more aliens, since TLJ was so lacking.
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By reverendstrone
Yeah, but the point being, wave 4? 4???? These are figures that should be in wave 1, or at the very least wave 2. It seems nuts to me that the majority of the film's most memorable characters are months behind the movie as toys.
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By darthmadonna
The strategy at Hasbro with Solo figures is the most baffling ever since ever. LOL I did just find Moloch and he is actually really awesome for the 5 POA line. Not much to do with a giant dressed worm.
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By Mandalore1988
darth_sidious wrote:TVC and there should be a home release 4-pack of figures as well, which will most likely have a Han figure. This is assuming it doesn't get canceled. Hopefully they reveal everything left unseen at SDCC.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Quay, Rio, and L3 look like along with the patrol trooper. Maybe we'll see both waves out along with the home media release.
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By YAK_Chewie
Some good variety coming, just a shame it's so late from the movie release... expect to see pics of many of these at SDCC...

- L3-37 (Lando's droid)
- Beckett (with trenchcoat)
- Rio Durant (Beckett's gang)
- Val (Beckett's gang)
- Quay Tolsite (Kessel administrator)
- Qi'ra (Kessel battle)
- Mudtrooper version 1 (masked)
- Mudtrooper version 2 (unmasked - Han?)
- Tie Fighter Pilot
- Stormtrooper sergeant
- Weazel (Cloud Rider gang)
- Han (Imperial cargo train heist)

Something tells me that this cool variety being released a couple months before the movie in stores would have created a lot of buzz and marketing by itself and helped the movie perform better at the box office.

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By Jodo
I agree 100%! I think the TIE Pilot is probably the one coming with the fighter itself...Otherwise, I'll buy them all. Given we don't find out about SA versions in the meantime.
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By Mandalore1988
As there seem to be two icons with unmasked Mudtrooper Han (flipped image and slightly different art), I can see Hasbro releasing him single carded and then repacking him with the basic Mudtrooper. Train Heist Han and Chewbacca are two figures I can't wait to get. I think they'll pack them with Weazel and a Range Trooper for the DVD multipack. They did add the Range Trooper to the updated Force link checklist. I don't own the device so I don't know if it wasn't on the list yet, but it would make sense for a scene specific set and fit with the tradition of at least one repacked figure in every multipack released in the past few years. Other than that, I hope to see these figures on display at SDCC.
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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:
Something tells me that this cool variety being released a couple months before the movie in stores would have created a lot of buzz and marketing by itself and helped the movie perform better at the box office.


Yeah, absolutely. The release pattern just makes absolutely no sense.
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