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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:I received my set finally yesterday... and yeah, they look too big for 3.75"... sadly.

They are still pretty damn cool though, especially for the price!


The Gonk droid is definitely too big (because we know what Gonks are supposed to look like.) The other...fits in well with 3.75, since we don't really have a great history of comparison. It really could be anything, for either scale. A droid or just another piece of equipment, like a generator or something. Slides beautifully into the background of any dio.

Also, these guys are just fun. I'm very impressed with the features of them, the white one moves forward while spinning and raising its arms. Super fun and a great price!!
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By Jodo
I got my set early last week, but was too busy to open it. Eventually, I found some time, and I really like it. I would honestly consider a second set for the non-Gonk droid battle-bot. I wouldn't mind making an alternative red version, with a different weapon or something. Like Lance mentioned, they would work nicely as background fodder!
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By Imaculata
I got my set of Fight Droids as well, and I am very thankful to be on this site so that I'm aware of these sort of cool exclusives.
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By YAK_Chewie
I have a nearly uncontrollable urge to take figures apart and see what I can do with them, so if I get another set for $10 range I might try to remove the arms off the cylinder droid and see what I can come up with customizing wise.

The sets I already bought cost me more because I got them online (shipping was $10 for two sets).


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