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By ImperialOfficer
I'll try to grab at least one, but my budget may prevent me. It's kind of frustrating, because as soon as hasbro starts putting out good product I can't afford anything, but when tlj came out I had $700 to spend on crappy product at full retail. :cry:
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By darth_sidious
Great set, I really would have preferred a 4-pack, as I have no need for TIE Pilots or Stormtrooper Commanders - but its very well done. This is also close to perfect for kids and collectors that are into troopers - you get a diverse range all at once. Its honestly packs like this that continue to reduce my interest in TVC. I cant imagine that line ever offering something like this, especially under $100.

I never opened my basic Mimban trooper, I guess I can return it, unless someone needs it.
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By Utinniii
I like this as well. I'll be getting one if this makes it to Canada and more when on clearance. I do wish they had something other than the TIE Pilot though, even a generic Stormtrooper would have been better.
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By Jodo
Too bad they don't drop that TIE Pilot and add another Stormtrooper Cop...But this is a really good pack. If they did dynamic poses like some of these have, I would have been buying 5 POA stuff this entire time.
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By reverendstrone
The saving grace for me on that TIE Pilot is the sculpt, which is much nicer than the most recent SA mold, at least in my opinion. As much as I'd have liked a different trooper of some kind, I don't mind having another specimen of this excellent sculpt, even if it is limited in articulation.
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By darth_sidious
This should have been out for the Blu Ray release, instead they aren't slated to be shelved until the 30th. They likely want to put these out after the current SW sale at Target. They probably would pull in more sales during the Solo release, offering 20% off, now I wonder how many will wait for a sale or clearance? They surely produced these in huge numbers, like usual.
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By Jodo
BrickSeek shows that Edwardsville and Shiloh (I think) had them, but I'm in Centralia for now.

I agree with you...It's a troop builder pack, it'll never make it to clearance!
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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:I haven't heard of people in our area finding them yet... but yeah, I'd like two sets as well.


I saw it Thursday at the Ballwin Target, where I got my Bespin Leia. Forgot about reporting it since i don’t buy 5poa and after hitting several Walgreens unsuccessfully.
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By darthvlad
Had the red shirt pull one out from back. It felt like it took him ten minutes so I thought he was taking his time before coming out and saying they didn’t have any or couldn’t sell me one.
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