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By Jodo
YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

Was able to score the new 6pk today. Helpful employee hooked me up by pulling from the back because Target's website said my local store had available for pickup.


It's more tempting if I can order online and just go pick it up! Dang it...might have to bite now!
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By Jodo
I think the TIE Pilot was unnecessary. It's too bad there wasn't a second Patrol Trooper in there, but a very good pack none-the-less!!!

The bent elbows are what sold me. If the figures hadn't been in dynamic poses I probably would have passed.
By ctonra
Found a target that still has tons of these, full price, My local target has been out of them for months. I hope they clearance these I want some more
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By darthapathy
YAK_Chewie wrote:My Target stores have been cleaned dry of these for a while.

I don't really need or want another set, but if I saw on clearance, I'd probably pick up one more. I just can't seem to help myself.


Drive up to Des Moines. As of Saturday, our Southside store still had six or seven and they were only markex down at 3o per cent off.
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