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I spotted this new line today - I was less than excited to find them. I picked up Major Vonreg because its the only design I like, as it reminds me of something that could have been from the old EU. I don't like the series itself, so I had no drive to buy them, I think I picked up the Major out of habit, more than anything else. I also think $8 is rather pricey, as the figures and cardbacks look rather cheap (tape is already coming off the back of the figures). They dropped Force Link chips and haven't added any new accessories, so I feel these should be cheaper than movie figures. If I pick anything else up, it will have to be on clearance.

I'm curious about those collectors hunting these down - do you genuinely like the cartoon / figures, or are you picking them up out of habit or because they are the only new figures at retail? When CW was out, I absolutely loved those animated figures because I loved the series - I suppose the opposite is true for Resistance, so my interest is at all-time low. Its hard to imagine I might not be buying any basic figures until October, when the Episode IX product release begins...
Thanks for starting this thread. I think we'll make this a sticky topic and use it for discussion/recent finds. If demand picks up we'll start a separate section for Resistance.

Second, I really haven't watched the show. I just haven't been interested. But I do like the look of a bit of the toys. I don't like 5poa or animated styling but the droid looks cool, right? And if they start making vehicles, then I might be more interested.

Last week, I picked up the gold trooper at Walmart. Using it for a custom that I'll post in my customizing thread soon.

Yesterday, I saw these at Target...

However, due to the Target enforced Jan 15 street date, they would not sell them. This morning though, I went back and bought the 2-pk with the "bucket" droid...


He's awesome! I've been toying around with him at work today as much as I can. It might be the coolest figure they have made in quite some time. If he was single carded, I'd probably buy 4-5 more. Hasbro needs to make action figures on par with this one quality wise... he's just fantastic. All droids should be able to pop apart like this guy does and go back together!

The guy with dreadlocks is okay... but what I do like is his helmet is a separate swappable head. I'll definitely find use for it with a custom!

The figures look great and the cards are bright and fun. I'll be buying very selectively, but Bucket in particular looks like pure joy in plastic form. :)

I wish they were a little more articulated and personally would have preferred a realistic style, but I understand why I'm not getting those things. I'm hoping Disney gives us realistic styled versions of all of the many exciting new astromech droid types in BAD form when they presumably refresh their park exclusive product range this year, to coincide with Galaxy's Edge opening.

I'm not very keen on the stylised design of the stormtroopers, but that will just save me from any unhealthy army-building inclinations, so it's probably ultimately a good thing for me. ;) I hope we get more droids and aliens in subsequent waves, if there are any.

Most of all, Resistance makes me wish Micromachines were still a thing. The ships are the best thing in the new show and it would be so cool to get miniatures of them all.
You and me both, Rev - I sorely miss the Micro Machines line. At least we have diecast HW, though theres no word on whether they'll cover this series in their starships line.

Chewie, your pictures certainly highlight that little droid, which makes him more appealing. I have a feeling these are going to flood retail though, and then pegwarm, because what kids are watching this series at 10pm?
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