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By darthvlad
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Revealed at Disney's D23

Sizzler might be out in a couple days. Said to have Rey in dark robes with double-bladed lightsaber. Who knows what that means at this point... no mention in the articles I read about color of the blades.
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By Jodo
I was telling my girlfriend about the red Sith Stormtroopers, because she didn’t understand why they were any different than the regular FO troopers. This got me thinking...I wonder if the secret fleet of Star Destroyers are crewed by these Sith Troopers, and instead of being recruits, perhaps they are clones? Initially, I wondered if they would be Kyle Ren’s personal guard or something, but now I wonder if they’ll be in competition against the regular FO Stormtroopers somehow, as a separate faction.
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