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By Utinniii
Awesome on the stickers!!

Last round took over 5 months to complete. Quite a bit of that time was waiting for addresses.

Let's avoid that problem.

Here is the list again. * means sent it out already
Imperialofficer *

Darth_Cain [has it now]
John Morog
Roron Corobb
Lance Quazar

Please get the address of the person next ASAP so you can mail it out. Feel free to email on someone else's behalf if you remember the address from the last round.
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By Darth_Cain
I still had John's address from before. I am looking to ship by no later than Weds of this week.
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By johnmorog
Sorry I wasn't ahead of the game on this one. We are closing on a house end of September, and I hadn't sent my address yet to avoid having the box sent to an outdated address. But if you're sending out this week, Darth Cain, that will be just fine so I can be sure to mail it out to the next person in line before I move.
I've sent a PM to Ctonra for their address.
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By Darth_Cain
Box is mailed: 9505 5134 6481 9240 0433 79

I didn't take pics of what I added or took away. I mentioned that I added the stickers. I also added 4 or so complete figures including a vintage Rey, Snoke, and Jyn. I added a couple Kylo Ren sabers and a variety of other parts. There was some really cool Joe stuff in there that I picked through. Overall, a pretty solid experience.
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By johnmorog
Hey all! Will mail out this week. A friend decided he didn't want to collect 3.75 anymore... so he gave me all his 3.75 stuff!This was just over the weekend, so I added quite a bit more into the box and it's rather overflowing now. Barely fits in the medium size box now! I'll see if I can't get it mailed out sooner, but definitely no later than Friday.
By ctonra
Let me know when it ships and if you have a tracking #, Want to make sure it doesn't get clipped off my front porch.
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