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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:If you make it in the South County area (across from the mall) there is a Tuesday Morning across in the plaza next to Marshalls that often has a decent selection of Star Wars goodies.

Might have to keep that in mind. I did hit another TM that's not too far from my house on Watson that had the Rose and Lando sets, so I picked them up. Also got another tank in the mail today from Walmart since I had a $25 off an over $45 order (that I got for my cancelled Jabba's Palace order), so I got it for about $30. I was hoping that the Palace would pop up again, but it didn't.

Now I've got to find some more Tank Gunners and Drivers.
By trs55
more of a question, anyone have an idea for tomorrow's pulse member time for sdcc sw exclusives to go up.? I read somewhere around 9am west coast time.
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