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What should the theme be for Yakfinities #73?

Retro Style
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Ancient Jedi
Self Customs
Dark Side Users
Unknown Regions
Two more Equitors:


Kara - an Iridonian Zabrak that Caji rescued from a shuttle crash site when she was about 10 years old. She kept calling herself "Number Four" and talking about the Master and his training. Clearly trained in the dark side of the Force and full of anger, fear and confusion, Caji renamed "Number Four" Kara and slowly over the last several years has helped her heal emotionally and redirect her talent for good. Little does Caji know that Kara is a survivor of the Inquisitorius "Project Harvester" (and the daughter of his old friend Eeth Koth).


Rayam’are’tranolo - going by the Basic name "Maret." A member of the CEDF as an advanced recon specialist, Maret came across the Equitors in the course of one of her missions. Intrigued, she contact her commanding officer, who authorized her to attach herself to the group as a member and so track their activities to make sure they pose no threat to the Chiss Ascendancy. She has developed a deep respect for the Equitors and genuine friendships with them over her two year assignment, and is considered an integral part of the team, even though a member of the Chiss military.
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Some really interesting customs thus far - many nightmare inducing! lol I've been playing around with parts for another figure, but I think I've officially run out of viable female fodder. I might be at the point where I start taking apart old customs I'm no longer fond of, because there's not much that's custom friendly at retail or in the 3.75 line anymore.
Hey Utinniii - happy to share:

Head = VC Rey Jakku
Torso/upper arms = VC Boushh
Lower arms = ROTS Luminara Unduli (from two-pack)
Legs = VC Barriss Offee
Skirt = CW Embo

Head = Comic Two-pack Sigel Dare
Arms = Juno Eclipse
Torso = Avengers movie Scarlet Witch (filled with hot glue)
Legs = Comic Two-pack Mara Jade (attached to legacy Aayla Secura's pelvis)

and that's it besides accessories
A Dark Jedi and master of Teräs Käsi, Arden Lyn was defeated in battle by Jedi Master Awdrysta Pina and placed into a Force trance for 25,000 years. Awakening rejuvinated in the Unknown Regions early in the reign of Palpatine, she became one of the Emperor's Hands.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
I agree - great design. I used the same head for my 'Ibh character (pg.5 "The Unexplained" Yakfinities) and placed him squarely in the Unknown Regions. My version of the head came from Starwarsgeek/jokabofe.
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