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YAK_Chewie wrote:Very nice work, they all look great.

Amazing that Hasbro never made a fully articulated white Republic Commando. That would have been a very popular figure. TVC would be a good candidate for it to return.


Indeed! I don't know what Hasbro is thinking? It's not rocket surgery. That would fly off the shelves. Instead we get Snoke and Rey pegwarmers... :roll:

Glad you enjoyed them!

Darth_Cain wrote:I really enjoy looking at your work. Did you boil and pop new clone legs onto Atin Skirata?

Thank you! And yes. I boiled and popped regular clone trooper legs. After rounding off the knee pads to better match the commando style ones. Done with sand paper and patience. A lot of patience.
Jodo wrote:Excellent job on that last Commando! And I agree....An army builder white version on a TVC card would be awesome!!!

Nice job on the hailfire droid as well!

Thanks, Jodo! I hope we get that wish one day...

JawaKing wrote:Yes, we could use a good TVC Commando, but at least we have your great customs to look at!

Thanks! I plan for more in the future.
1.) AAT
2.) Fully articulated Durge w/swoop bike.
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