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By Kooshmeister
I'm hoping they do Emperor skekSo. He emerged from the new series as my favorite Skeksis besides skekSil and skekTek. Not bad for a character who was basically a cameo in the original movie.
Other than SW, this is the only line I am currently collecting. I have the original figures, save for the exclusive version of Kira / Fizzgig. I've seen the new line on various sites, apparently they're being released on the 10th, but I've heard no big fanfare nor seen any marketing for them. I wonder if big retailers like Target will be carrying them?
Yes, and Amazon has half of them for 9.88 and the others for 11.99 to match Walmarts prices, lol. Wish Funko would post some details about where to buy them outside of online options. It seems the POPs are available online as well. Interesting that they went with more articulation this round - I hope the plastic they use is more sturdy than the first line of DC figures.
I received my first Dark Crystal Resistance figure, the Silk Spitter (spider) - huge improvements in quality compared to the previous DC basic line. These feature much more articultion (12 POA specifically for this figure), and higher quality plastic. I recall for the previous line, some of my figures felt like their neck or limbs would snap right off if too much pressure was applied. The MSRP appears to be $12, but I found some characters on Amazon for $10 - and for either price, its especially a good deal for this size figure. I wish other companies like Hasbro could release a creature this size for that pricepoint. Funko is doing a superior job in that regard. While only having one figure so far, I am extremely excited for the rest of the lineup, and I hope to see another wave at some point!
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By Utinniii
I like that figure. I wouldn't mind a small army. I also suspect the legs would be good for customs.
I'm happy to hear that it is even better quality than the previous ones.

Hey, let me know if Deet's wings can be used on Kira.

I will be looking into casting my Fizzgig so I can make the one with the patch. Unfortunately, I'm busy with work again and exhausted so I won't be doing much crafting.
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By Utinniii
I would have loved the exclusives as well but I am grateful I managed to get the main figures.
I saw Ebay had the Funko Pop Fizzgig and was tempted to get it (rather 10 of them) but I knew they would be too big.
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By Utinniii
#170519 has finally listed them for $16.50 (spider is $19) including shipping, but they are coming from the states and IDK if there will be import duties on top of that.

I think I will wait a bit.
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