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By Utinniii
Yes. My Jeddha mount needed a better rider.

The next truck is on Monday so there might be more then. If I'm in the area, I'll check.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Still looking for these figures. No Targets in the state of Arizona have received a single case. At this point I will propably just wait for the fall online release.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
OK, here is my lineup. I still need to open Tarkin and the Proto "clown" Vader. I also added that Stormie 5 POA Luke that came in a 2 pack with Leia I think a few years ago.
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By Jodo
I think the Wicket figure was an excellent sculpt too...It’s funny how some of the figures were very nice, while others were not nice at in the slightest.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
As you can tell I also have an issue with space, you can see some BS 6" Lukes and the GG Jumbos on the back, this is on top of an IKEA Detolf :lol:

Yes, all of them, I use the "second" weapon handle so I can get a good grip if you understand what I am trying to say I used the non primary handle on Han and Stormie. You can also see poor Leia having a hard time hanging on to her blaster :(

YAK_Chewie wrote:Cool... I need to find an area to set mine up. Space is at a premium for me now.

Do any of yours have problems holding their weapons?

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By AaylaSecurasMan
Agreed! I am planning to add that Bespin Luke that came in a 3-pack with Vader and Fett a few years back in the "Movie Heroes" line if they don't get to make the rest in retro style.

Jodo wrote:Stormtrooper Luke blends in great!
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Yes, this is the one I was talking about in my previous post ... e_Pack.asp

Also forgot to add the Rocket Firing Fett which I have displayed next to the original Kenner Fett in the same cabinet two levels down.

darth_sidious wrote:I really liked those 5 POA Saga Legends / Mission Series figures, many had a retro feel, which I enjoyed. Hoth Han really felt like a modern remake of vintage to me - shame they're gone. These also had a great pricepoint, $10 for 2 figure - now we're paying $10 for a single Retro figure!
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