New Giant & Big Size Figures from Jakks


German retailer Toy-Palace has listed several new 31″ Giant Size and new 20″ Big Size figures from Jakks Pacific. Click on through for a listing of Original Trilogy and Star Wars Rebels characters.

Original Trilogy:
Boba Fett*
Han in Stormtrooper Disguise
Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise

Star Wars Rebels:
Green Stormtrooper*

UPDATE: *Note, the sizes for these are listed at 51cm (20″) and are designated as “Big Size”. So is there a new scale making a debut as well? Toy Fair should shed some light in a couple weeks.

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  • Rob Nyul

    i have no sabre and with a sabre and also has voice sounds
    it was a costco exclusive here inn Australia

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    can’t wait to see their take on human head sculpts.
    Also Can’t Wait to have a couple OT Stormtroopers to flank Vader.

  • scockery

    Pick a scale and stick with it, Jakks.

  • Darth Eddie

    These are waaaaaay too big for me to get more than a few and be picky about which ones, but Vader? Stormtrooper? Boba Fett? Why not? =0)

    • Biffard P. Misqueegan

      Ya this is true for me too. I picked up the vader a while back and found that it took up too much valuable collection space. As much as id like to get more of these, they just aren’t practical for me 🙁

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    These things are cool. I bought the Vader… I would certainly be interested in a couple Stormtroopers. Maybe Fett too.

    What’s funny is these retail for $35~ish… which I think is a steal… I bet if Hasbro made these, they would be at minimum, $50 for exactly same quality.

    I know Jakks is a much smaller company too though, but comparison… I believe they’ve had some struggles recently too, just like many of the toy companies.

    • Darth Eddie

      Oh, yeah. I could see Hasbro asking at least $49.99 MSRP for each of these just because they can. And knowing them, they might skimp on some details here that the folks at J-P don’t. I really enjoy the actual metal cape chain around Vader’s neck. We didn’t even get a real metal chain on the new 6″ Slave Leia, and she comes with about twenty points of articulation!

      • Darth Janus

        Vader has no saber right?

        • Rykrof_Enloe

          Correct… at least not one he can use. It’s molded to his belt. Still, a GREAT figure.

        • Darth Eddie

          He has the unlit hilt attached to his belt. No red blade of any kind, though.

  • Fett…. Jizzed.In.My.Pants.

    • Darth Eddie

      Collecting Site Post of Week.

      HIGH FIVE!

    • Darth Emmett

      Literally laughed out loud!

      • glad I could do that : )

  • TheaterG33k

    I don’t get what makes them imagine that a kid would want something like this.

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  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    Rebels – green storm… interesting

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  • heybert17

    Stormtrooper YES, Stormtrooper body used twice with Luke and Han heads for 30-50.00, NO. A 31″ Boba would rock, a new 20″ size makes them a lot less cool and to much in the 1/4 scale.