Hasbro To Phase Out Plastic from Packaging By 2022

Hasbro has issued a press release stating that by 2022, they plan to phase out plastic elements like polybags, elastic bands, shrink wrap, window sheets and blister packs.  The company’s ambition is to eliminate virtually all plastic in packaging for new products by the end of 2022. For the details, visit newsroom.hasbro.com

How will this effect the look of iconic action figure lines like the Vintage Collection and Black Series or does the switch to bioPET (from PVC) in bubbles and window boxes already address that initiative?

Rumor Report: E9 Product Shipping Update

More products ranging from action figures to roleplay items are currently headed to the US via China and Vietnam. An update to shipping info shows that Hasbro’s E9 Vintage Collection cases, TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) cases, Mega Mighties, E9 Micro Force, Scream Sabers, E9 Poe Dameron blasters and Sith Trooper blasters are all en route to various ports in the US.

Rumor Report: Force Friday TBS Wave 1 Breakdown

Here we go. We have determined the figure breakdown for wave 1 of 6” Black Series headed for retailers on October 4 for Triple Force Friday. There has been a list floating around based on or original reports that has been partially correct but we’re now certain of its contents (one of each as follow):

Rey with D-O, Kylo Ren, Sith Trooper, First Order Stormtrooper, Cal Kestis, Second Sister Inquisitor,  The Mandalorian and a Jawa.

That last one, the Jawa ( “LA Blinky” on our list from The Mandalorian) is said to be different than the previous Jawa as it may be gray in color.


Convention Exclusive Pages Now Live on HasbroPulse

Landing pages for the 3 SDCC Star Wars exclusives are now live on HasbroPulse.com. Bookmark them for future reference.

6″ Black Series Boba Fett (Kenner Colors)
6″ Black Series Sith Trooper
TVC Luke Skywalker (Jedi Destiny) Set

No, they aren’t sold out. They go on sale Sept 9 & 10.

Thanks to Adam Bray for the heads up.


Rumor Report: Info for 4 New TVC Figures Found

Late night searching once again yielded new info, this time for the Vintage Collection. 4 New 2019/2020 UPC/SKU sets* have been found for 3 new figures for The Mandalorian and one from AOTC (or possibly The Clone Wars depending on how it’s branded). Based on a a few sources there are still a couple figures yet round out this potential wave, so more info to come as I find it. All codes have been added to our UPC/SKU Master List.

*And yes, these are all active product pages on Walmart’s site, which it case with 90% of the report we run like this.

Hot Wheels Commemorative Starships Wave 2 Images

Images have turned up from overseas sources for the second wave of Hot Wheels Commemorative Starships. Each one includes a piece to finish off the build a Death Star die cast vehicle. Click on through to check out some low quality packaged shots of the Speeder Bike (ROTJ), Resistance X-wing (TFA), Kylo’s TIE Silencer (TLJ), and the Millennium Falcon (TROS).

Thanks to Garth D. for the tip.

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