Update: Convention Exclusive 6″ Black Series Luke Skywalker Revealed

Remember that mix up last week regarding the Deluxe 6″ Black Series Luke Skywalker figure, well here is the one I confused it with as Lost Boys World on Facebook has posted the first images and details of this German Comic-Con convention exclusive version of Luke Skywalker from the Marvel Comics “Star Wars” title. It features several accessories including his training gear from the Millennium Falcon. No details yet on a U.S. availability for this version but a regular edition of this Luke is available in Wave 23.

Thanks to Nirob S. for the alert.

Update: According the Lost Boys World, this will be available though select retailers in the U.S. – so probably fan channel retailers.

Update 2: Our friends at FanthaTracks have posted an update regarding additional availability and images.

Update 3: @flyguy has confirmed with Hasbro PR that the convention exclusive WILL NOT include the Medal of Yavin as an accessory. I’m guessing that will be available as an exclusive accessory for the retail version

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Coming Soon: Triple Force Friday Unofficial Product Check List

As we’ve done in previous years, we will be assembling a downloadable Triple Force Friday Unofficial Product Checklist for you to have a quick reference when shopping in stores and online on October. 4. And as with previous merchandise launches, not all products listed may be available in your area or on that day.

UPDATE: Watch for a special addition to be included with this year’s checklist. 😉

Rumor Confirmed: First Order Jet Trooper (Carbonized) Hits eBay

Our rumor of an upcoming First Order Jet Trooper (Carbonized) “Bruges Rocket Pearl” has been confirmed thanks to an eBay auction.  The figure differs from the TBS wave 23 figure as it will have a pearlescent deco and feature a special box to match. This joins the Carbonized versions of The Mandalorian and the Second Sister Inquisitor, and the yet confirmed Sith Trooper – all of which are thought to be individual exclusives for select retailer but that is just speculation until official announcements happen. The First Order Jet Trooper (Carbonized) is thought to be a Walmart exclusive.

Thanks to Alisan S. for the alert.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren “Force Rage” Mask Found at Target

The new Supreme Leader Kylo Ren “Force Rage” Mask has been found on shelf at Target in San Jose, CA. The mask apparently lights up along the fused cracks when you yell through it. for Hasbro sure knows thgeir market with all this “raging” and “screaming” incorporated into their toys.

This will be available on Triple Force Friday.  Thanks to spikeymikey218 for the image.

New GOA Scream Saber Found at Target

Our very own staffer, Justin, reports finding the upcoming Electronic Scream Saber Lightsaber at Target which confirms our initial product report in May. This Galaxy of Adventures role play lightsaber lets kids (and adults) record their own sound effects to play back as well has features 10 authentic saber sounds. Price is set at $29.99. Click on through for additional images.

Note: the product shown on the shelf has the global European Article Number (EAN code) instead of the UPC.

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The Skywalker Saga Commemorative Edition Sets

A long-standing question has been answered regarding the details for the rumored set of Skywalker Saga two packs that we revealed back in May. These sets were found on shelf at a Walmart in NY and they reveal that they are a series of gold-painted 3.75” figures on special black and gold foil cardbacks ($14.97 each). Click on through to check out Luke and Chewie, Vader and Stormtrooper, & Han and Leia. Thanks to DarthChuckMc and James for the images.

Update: Cardback added for the Vader/Stormtrooper set – thanks to LILPOOKIE  Continue reading The Skywalker Saga Commemorative Edition Sets

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