Show Hasbro Your Support for the Vintage Collection

Fan sites and collectors everywhere are rallying behind the movement to show Hasbro, and more importantly the retailers that carry Hasbro’s product, the demand for The Vintage Collection (TVC) and 3.75″ figures is STILL strong in the collecting community. Hasbro continually looks for metrics to justify the creation of products for this long-running line. By first voting with our wallets in support of products created for TVC, and second by using the power social media, we hope we will be sending a clear message that we want these products and we want stores (both brick and mortar and online) to carry more of them – not just in quantity but in variety, too.

To those who use social media as part of their regular communication with fellow collectors, use the hashtags #backTVC, #fightforTVC and/or #save375 to show Hasbro your passion for the line as there are some great things coming for The Vintage Collection this year and next. To tweak a line from Darth Sidious: we have the power to save the ones we love. And what we love is The Vintage Collection and the 3.75″ action figure format.