• LadyFerry

    …and yet again, people were too scared to ask Hasbro important and hard-hitting questions.

    This is something that most of the star wars fan-sites do.

    They cave from asking important hard-hitting questions for fear of being either ostracised or not invited to future events by Hasbro.

    If that doesn’t prove that Hasbro are corrupt and don’t want to answer hard-hitting questions I don’t know what is, but if I had a fan-site I would go out in a blaze of glory and ask the questions that everyone else is too fearful to ask.

    It’s pitiful that these fearful idiots are to scared to say anything anymore.

    • Doog

      Kind of curious what hard hitting questions you have in mind, but my curiosity is tempered by the suspicion that your queries will just be a bunch of insults framed as questions. And we all already know the answers.

      • LadyFerry

        How about having the Nerf feature completely removable? so collectors can choose whether or not the feature stays or goes and doesn’t ruin the aesthetically pleasing value of the vehicle? Whereas the vehicles of late have been ruined aesthetically by the horrible non-removable Nerf gun feature?

        I haven’t bought any Hasbro vehicles because of the whole Nerf feature. That, and the fact the newer vehicles have been shrunken down to a laughable size.

        • 80sRobot

          I have a theory, and honestly I can understand Hasbro’s and Disney’s strategy: They want to dissuade adult collectors, and have been re-focusing on selling new Star Wars toys to children. They don’t want adults buying these toys en masse.

          First, they focus on 5 POA for the 3.75″ line. The original intent for this format, back in the Kenner years, was to keep costs low and to have vehicles and playsets for children to use these figures for interactive play. Hasbro is going back to this.

          Second, they intentionally add “toy-ish” play features, which includes the Nerf guns and smartphone apps. This is to appeal to children first.

          Third, they continue to support the Black Series which is aimed at the adult collector. The BS still includes 3.75″ figures.

          Lastly, they have devised the packaging for the single carded 3.75″ figures so that it can be carefully opened and glued again to where it’s essentially mint again. (With an x-acto blade and butter knife, you can cut through the glue that seals the gatefold cardboard of the single 3.75″ figure packages. Hasbro started using this card design with The Force Awakens figures.) Why did Hasbro do this? I theorize it’s because it further reduces the value of the collector market if collectors know it’s relatively easy to open these cards up and glue them back shut without any telltale signs they’re no longer mint. So if these figures are not worth much mint anymore, then more of them stay on store shelves for children to have.

          The result: I’ve been seeing plenty of Rogue One action figures, vehicles and other toys on the shelves of my local area Target and TRU stores.

          • Firdaus Yahaya

            its true they still include the black series 3.75 inch. but why make it exclusives and double the price? It’s quite hard to find those. Plus, the character selection is quite a few compared to 5POA. Fans been collecting 3.75 inch articulated figures but suddenly they stop and focus to 6inch and 5 POA. It’s quite sad to think they did 5POA to reduced cost etc.

        • Doog

          Hasbro has actually put some effort into making the Nerd features unobtrusive. Sure, it looks bad on the new A-Wing, but it is hidden on theU-Wing.

          This is hardly a golden age for vehicles. It might be worth asking Hasbro sometime what changed between now and 2008 that has led to the change in their vehicle strategy. Although they could argue that it hasn’t changed, now that I think about it. I just don’t like the vehicle selection as much because they are almost all Disney-movie designs. And I prefer the OT and PT. And CW. And, let’s be honest, EU.

        • Doog

          And having spent a couple minutes looking at the TIE Striker, man, is that Nerf feature hideous. Someone really should ask Hasbro to make all Nerf features removable/retractable and to re-release the TIE Striker with a non-Nerf bottom plate.

    • Well, we weren’t there to ask any questions but your point is taken.

  • Barney Dunn

    glad to see the first redo for 6 inch Black Series, now hoping for a new R2-D2 with more accurate scale and more weathered paint job, maybe an R2-D2 and C-3PO 6 inch box set with some accessories.

    • Seronious

      I’d be shocked if R2 doesn’t get remade for the black series 6″ scale sometime during ep8 or 9.

  • Captainyoda

    I think Admiral Raddus looks cool! Haven’t even seen pictures of him before, and I am a huge Mon Calamari fan. So I was pleasantly surprised to see him!

    • Bombadgungan

      I shrieked with joy when I saw him in the movie trailer. SO glad we are getting a figure of this guy!

  • 80sRobot

    The 3.75″ Jyn in the Imperial work uniform:

    It looks like it’s just the Imperial Ground Crew figure with its head swapped with a Jedha Jyn head. (This could also explain why the Imperial Ground Crew figure and the Eadu Jyn figure are the same height.)

    On the Jyn figure, the boots and gloves are painted brown, but otherwise the limbs and torso look identical to those of the Imperial Ground Crew.

    The helmet for the Jyn figure looks like it’s the same design as the Imperial Ground Crew’s head but with the visor molded to be raised up, and the jaw piece removed.

    • Bombadgungan

      I haven’t had a chance to compare images of the two side by side, but I can say I’m loving this Jyn as Imperial figure! From the brief glimpse I had of her in first movie trailer I had assumed she was in a TIE Pilot uniform.

      I don’t believe the jaw piece is removed on this one. I think it is just the upward jutting chin of the helmet reflecting the white surface.

  • Paulskywalker

    I saw the Chirutt and Baze figures last night, they are brill. Unlike most i actually quite liked the previous Vader, but this ANH version is brilliant! I saw some continuity concerns about Vader in Rogue i.e. the robe over the armour etc. So this figure puts that to bed.

  • General Hux

    How many 3.75″ Scarif Troopers are you going to buy, Jayson? 🙂

  • I cant believe there were people that payed large amounts of money for that first vader when it was new, or went through the trouble of obtaining the walgreens version, repainting the helmet, and then convincing themselves that made made it a better figure. As in expensive as the current 6 inch darth vaders are now, they are going to be practically worthless once this new one hits.

    • Cody Brown

      I mean 6″ vaders have never been worth that much since bootlegs hit the market, and the walgreens one only goes for around $15. Also painting the Walgreens ones helmet makes a good non ANH vader, I dont see this new vader affecting the already pretty low market.

  • Fiery Little One

    The new 6″ Vader. Messa happy.

    (gets hit by a tomato to the face)

    I… I… I deserve that for talking like him.


    Hasbro Reveals…..nothing that excites the majority of the collecting community and reveals the one thing that we were excited about (The Forbes Hint) was a misquote and that there is nothing to it.

    • General Hux

        LOL, I prefer “Salty Sourpuss”.

        Dude, I so know how negative my posts have been, I acknowledge that and do not like it either. That said, I am not going to do what so many other collectors have done – Pretend (and tell themselves) that they really like the the 5POA line and just accept the mediocrity when we know this company can do better.

        Vote with you wallet. “Make SW figures ARTICULATED again”

        • Dirk Anger

          I buy something if I actually like it. I like 5poa. What I don’t like is being painted with a broad brush. The RO stormtrooper is one of the best Hasbro has produced. I’ve already sold off most of my previous versions to make room for more. Thanks.

          • JACKOFTRADZE

            So do I, and unfortunately there is not much I like with 5POA and let’s not get into the current state of vehicles lol. While there are many exceptions naturally, broad brushes are also called patterns. While not every collector falls in this group like you, anyone that has not stopped collecting since the lines return in 95 is not happy where this line is at. I agree on the stormie sculpt and Hasbro is doing the best they can with a very limited and dated medium. Good for you on the stormies, I’m envious as I miss the excitement of collecting this line but no matter how good the sculpt is unless standing still he sticks out like a sore 5POA thumb. Thanks.

  • Christian Maser

    Why do I feel this tiny ATAT has more playability than the bigger $300 one? And this one has a removable Falcon style gun turret? That’s kinda crazy for just a play feature. Does anyone think we’ll see an anti-air weapon system deploy from one of the ATATs in Rogue One?


      You are not feeling, you are seeing. I agree this looks more fun.

  • LesterF

    Bring back The Vintage Collection!!!

  • Chris Henry

    Love that Vader!

  • Philip Glover

    Rhythmic Gymnastics Kylo?

      • Like A Bossk

        Wanted to thank you for the awsome work you put into this hobby. At the midnight event at Toysrus in Texas and first guy in line actually printed out several checklists you made and handed them out.Those upc and dcpi numbers you post come very handy being a collector in these dark times.Thank you for all your contribution also I enjoy the realm recap with flyguy you guys always keep it straightforward with tons of info. Keep up the good work.I know other collectors feel the same and appreciate the time you put into this along with the love you have for the sport. Your hard work is very well respected and appreciated. Thank you

        • Thanks LAB, that means a lot.

          • Kicker2

            Keeps the debate going if we will see an over-armor inner cloak for Vader at some point in Rogue One. But they said they based it on ANH designs. Confusing why they didn’t just used the Rogue One Vader. Or they are being evasive about a costume change.

          • He has both styles in Rogue One

          • Kicker2

            That’s what I believe in Pablo Hidalgo tells us to just wait for the movie to see what it looks like I believe that’s what he’s hinting at but there’s no confirmation anywhere

        • xdeathmedicx

          I agree I know some of the followers here are on other sites as well but for a lack of better words this site seems to be more mature. A lot less whining on this site just facts and good info. Thanks for what you do YF

          • Thanks xdeathmedicx. If every site were the same, it would be a boring community. It’s great that there are a variety of places to visit that all bring a unique experience to the visitor. We thank you for your continued patronage.

          • General Hux

            Couldn’t agree more!

          • Bombadgungan

            I used to spend a great deal of time at another site, back when it was much more “mature”. Unfortunately it fell to the Dark Side.

            I always enjoyed visiting Yakface when time permitted throughout the years, but I am now very thankful and proud to call it my [fan site] home.

      • hammyhamster

        I would like to add that I enjoy adding gifs and memes on this site without censorship delays. For creative charmers like myself, it matters 😉