My girlfriend and I started getting these boxes (from the jabba box onward…had prayed for a yak face pop) each one getting more disappointed. This makes up for it. We’ve had multiples conversations on what funko should make and tauntaun was always the #1 since its a no brainer if you look at lineups. I hope they keep these boxes this way as a sorta premium outlet. Be great to get a speeder bike or Luke’s land speeder.

    • Rob Redahl

      That Tauntaun is as cute as a button.
      If I collected these things I’d be all over this. #hothrocks

      • General Hux

        #HothRocks indeed but the Tauntaun has an uncanny likeness of Krampus, it gave me nightmares last night.

        • Bombadgungan

          Uh, I hate to break this to ya bud, but it’s not the Tauntaun or even Funko Pops! that are giving you those nightmares. You may want to reconsider your decision to see movies like Krampus. Or maybe work on not being such a naughty child and then you’ll get a visit from Sinterklaas instead of Krampus. 😉

          • General Hux

            I actually haven’t even watched Krampus…But I know who he is!

  • Jim Decke

    I think they got the Tauntaun nose mixed up with something from the Predator movies.

  • I guess the whole “mystery box” thing wasn’t working for them.

    • it was never promoted as a ‘mystery box’, but that is how i see it. im pissed this is spoiled before i received the box. this would have a been a HUGE surprise. they will sell more boxes or subscriptions now because of this ‘spoiler’

  • General Hux

    The Tauntaun looks like Krampus.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      You’re on a Krampus kick. Broken record?

      • General Hux

        How dare you call me a broken record!!!

        I thought of Krampus yesterday and when I saw this it ironically reminded of him again.

        And that’s one of the reasons I don’t collect Funko’s, their pitch-black eyes give me the creeps and instantly bring images of demon possessed little children.