December 2000 Archive

Happy New Year to all
December 31, 2000 | 5:47 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want wish everyone a Happy New Year from all of the staff here at Yak. We wish all a great year to come in health, wealth, and happiness. Thanks to all our loyal readers and to any new “Yak-ers” out there. Just remember for those that plan on doing some celebrating tonight just stay safe and don’t do anything that would risk yours or anyones lives. See you all in 2001….



Commtech Chip 2
December 31, 2000 | 4:34 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Robert fromour prototypes section has posted images of the Chewbacca Commtech Chip 2. Stop in and check it out.



UK Toy Show
December 31, 2000 | 12:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A quick note for any UK readers brave (and able!) enough to go out tomorrow – there’s a toy show on in Kent. For more information, hit this link! Thanks to Dave of Startoys & Collectables for the news.



New Lego sets in Canada
December 30, 2000 | 8:59 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Jabba3 sent in this info for all the Canadian Lego collectors…

I just wanted other Canadian fans to know that in Southern Ontario the new Stormtrooper and C3PO Technic sets are out in TRU for $49.99 CDN. I have also seen the Lego At-St ($14.99 CDN) in TRU, Tie Fighter ($27.99), Droid Escape ($7.98 CDN), Battle Droid Carrier ($14.99 CDN) and the Imperial Shuttle (@39.99 CDN). All prices are for TRU but some Walmart and Zellers have some other Lego sets on sale for cheaper. Check around for the best price.”

Thanks for the heads up. I hope this can tie our Canadian friends over til they can get some POTJ up there.



Where is that Kaadu???
December 30, 2000 | 8:52 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Lately I have had a few people mail in and ask… “Where is the 12” Kaadu?”… Well he is still set to be released along with his Gungan buddy Capt Tarpals, when you ask? Now the word is spring 2001. No reason why he was pushed this far back, but if anyone can help please do so. I have heard a few reasons but not one specific one. I promise that I will soon have some nice boxed and loose pics of this set up here at Yak. The boxed pics are the very dk purple Tarpals that was made in the initial run til Hasbro scraped.’s Innis had put up a small comparison pic a few months back. The loose set is the production set that will get released and you wil see the BIG difference in the two. Look for pics very soon.



Carbon Freeze Diorama
December 30, 2000 | 3:28 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has uploaded a preview of his new Carbon Freeze diorama to his website – check it out here.



Dewback on sale?
December 29, 2000 | 11:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Many people are wondering when we’ll see the 12″ Dewback that seems to be collecting lots of dust, go on sale… Well I heard from a pretty reliable source this piece should go on sale sometime in either Feb or Mar. Yes still some time away but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I heard the price will go down to $50, definetly a more acurate price for this piece. I do hope that this doesn’t discourage Hasbro from doing any future 12″ scale beasts. I have heard of a possible 12″ scale vehicle in the future, but right now it is just hearsay and until I get any definite confirmation I’ll leave it in the “rumor” pile.



Stay on Target….Stay on Target….
December 29, 2000 | 10:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well many reports are coming in of people finding the new Plo Koon wave at Target. Reports range from NY to Pa To NC to Tx to Ca… I haven’t seen this wave or got any reports of it here in S East Ma area, though I read on a message board it was found in Warwick, RI Target store. So looks like Target is the place. You might even get lucky and find the 300th Fett and 12″ Bounty Hunters there as well, what a trip that would be. Good luck guys.



Star Wars LEGO Sales
December 29, 2000 | 9:28 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

De has all of the latest information on what is on sale in her latest report at FBTB, including sets at the new outlet store and a buy one get one half price sale at KMart.



Plo Koon Online
December 29, 2000 | 6:43 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Plo Koon wave online right now. They are expensive, but if you want them, head on over.



New Carded Image
December 29, 2000 | 6:32 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the Theed Amidala Carded image! Check it out. Thanks to the Big D for the images.



12″ Sith Lords Online
December 29, 2000 | 11:44 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post has the 12″ Sith Lords 2-Pack for $44.95! Which is ~$5 less than They also have the set of three 12″ Bounty Hunters for $64.95. Be sure to tell them sent you.



Fett @ WalMart
December 29, 2000 | 5:32 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Troy Harper found the 300th edition Boba Fett figure at a Super WalMart in Columbus, Ohio.



Cheap Chewie
December 28, 2000 | 5:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post have a steal on the 12″ Chewie in Chains doll. This once elusive doll was one per case and fetched a few dollars on the aftermarket but now you can steal it for just $12.99. Thanks to Yak-er Matt Kregor for pointing this great deal out to us at Yak.



More freebies
December 28, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The Jawa’s passed through today and gave me word on a new giveaway they are holding now. You can get yourself a 3 3/4″ Ani Pilot and Maul Sith Lord from them. Check out this link for the info.



Have a bounty out for the 12″ Bounty Hunters?
December 28, 2000 | 5:14 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well you can find them at John’s Toys, along with the 12″ Sith lords set. Get there quick I can’t see them hanging around long.



Another Plo Koon find
December 28, 2000 | 5:07 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Kingramos mailed to say he found Plo Koon at a Target in Laurel,Md. He mentioned they had four of Plo Koon left and three K3-P0’s. Looks like this wave should hit all parts soon. Guys don’t spend all that Xmas $ just yet.



New Gungan ratio found
December 28, 2000 | 5:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since I posted last night that Gungans were possibly being shipped two per case, a few reports have surfaced backing that up. I have got a few emails from people that opened up cases themselves in stores and saw them both sitting there in a case. So looks like your luck may get better soon if you still need that elusive Gungan. Go get’em.



PlayStation 2 @
December 28, 2000 | 2:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those of you that are trying to get one, I just received this email from
Dear Amazon Customer,
As someone that has expressed interest in the Playstation 2, we are happy to let you know that we will be receiving another shipment of these on Friday, December 29th after 2PM.

I would check with them online at 2PM tomorrow if you are looking to get one. The Star Wars game that will be available for the PS2 is also available to preorder online at all retailers.



Check them stores…
December 27, 2000 | 11:42 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys here’s a great word of advice for all out there, CHECK THEM STORES….
I walked into a local Target this afternoon to see if Mr Fett or his other Bounty Hunter compadres had hit my way yet, when what do I spot sitting there? A 12″ Speederbike… Yup I was in awe. Never seen one in a store before so of course I grabbed it. I head to scanner no price comes up just says “clearance”, so an employee trys scanning at register and nada. I did get it for the $14 price tag from a month or so back so needless, to say I was loving that.
My point guys check stores for people returning unwanted Xmas gifts, you never know what you will find. Also I spotted the 6″ Mega figs for $7 and the UCS Lego X-Wing and Tie sets for $104 and $70 respectively.



New case ratio?
December 27, 2000 | 11:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

A Yak-er we’ll name “Mr G” sent in some potentially good info. Here’s what “Mr G” said…
“I work at a major retailers distribution center…
I saw POTJ cases in the warehouse the other day and just had to open one up. It had the new Jek,Boss,Sebulba,Fode and two Gungan Warriors. TWO!!! So much for Hasbros BS of one-per-case figures. Please pass this along so scalpers still don’t try to rip off people with this one-per-case stuff.”

Sounds good guys. Also “Mr G” added this on how Hasbro ships things to these centers…
“On another subject, there has been complaints from consumers about the condition of Hasbro products when they arrive on the shelves. And it seems that the retailers get the blame. I can tell you from first hand experience that Hasbro just throws all of thier cased products on the floor on the transport trailers. They are stacked from floor to ceiling. Usually the bottom cases have foot prints on them where the loaders stood on them to stuff more cases on the top. Is there anything Yakface can do? All they would have to do to correct this is to put thier products on pallets and shrink-wrap them just like 99% of all the other manufacturers out there.”

So there ya go. We know now why things are found in the shape they are now. Just to add to this these toys are shipped from overseas to Seattle then shipped to these centers, making it a long trip for these toys we get our hands on at retail.



Free set of POTJ figs and 300th Fett
December 27, 2000 | 11:10 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay over at ADC sent over an fyi on the contest their running. Jay wanted to remind all out there that you still have a chance at a cool POTJ fig set including the much wanted 300th Fett. Only a few days left to the contest so get over there and check out all the details.



What could’ve been….What should’ve been
December 27, 2000 | 11:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My good buddy Innis has posted some more pics of the CT2 Chewie over at Innis added some back pics of the cards which he had previously shown the fronts of. Honestly I wish the CT2 chips had a chance to see light. Congrats to Innis and the Jawa scavenger crew for some more cool finds.



Valorum 2-Pack online
December 27, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can now get the 12″ Valorum and Guard 2-pack at! Price is $39.99, just search on valorum.



Ultarama Winner of the Week
December 27, 2000 | 10:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Stephen Prescott as he is this weeks winner of the Ultarama Stand. Many thanks to Mort for the free stands.



December 26, 2000 | 9:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Plo Koon wave is out in the US. A friend of mine found many at Target in NV today. Also, I have recieved reports of it being found at Target in CA as well.



Han and Tauntaun at EB?
December 26, 2000 | 9:34 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be true…? Yak-er Tony Roberts found the 3 3/4″ Han and Tauntaun at an EB in Va today, but what makes this extra cool was the low price of $13.98. Tony said the box was not in the best shape and thought it could’ve been a return or one found stashed in the back somewhere. No matter what Tony got a steal most would kill for now. This is a piece that remains one the few truly “rare” pieces in the line, and still many people need it. Great score Tony. Anyone else that comes across any odd ball things like this let me know, give me an email here.



No more Insider?
December 26, 2000 | 9:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I’m sure some have heard the talk that the Insider will no longer exsist, but I asked Dan Madsen today and he denied that. The Insider will continue under the control of new management Wizards of the Coast. So despite what has been said, it looks like we will still see it produced.



More 300th Fett finds
December 26, 2000 | 9:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Reports from many different states are coming in on the 300th Fett being found on shelves. People seem to be finding these in Walmart, TRU, and Target now. Here’s some sku and DPCI #’s for you to help with the search.
Walmart # 0 76930 84566 0
TRU # 165215
Target # 087060493
Good luck guys and keep those reports coming in. No reports in the
N East have surfaced, where I am, so if any people up my way come across any give me a holler here.



Custom Ep1 Senate
December 26, 2000 | 4:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Our friends over at Rebelscum are celebrating their 100th week of custom critiques with an awesome group custom of the Galactic Senate, made by some members of FFURG. You can check it out here. These guys do some great work, definetly worth a look.



Dagobah Vader back online
December 25, 2000 | 2:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow have the Dagobah Vader wave and the Boss Nass wave (minus Fode & Beed and Gungan Warrior) along with all the earlier figures in stock now for $8.99. Thanks to Clint for the news!



Target Clearence
December 24, 2000 | 11:13 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We’ve started to receive reports of some Targets putting the Mega Action figures on clearence for $6.90 and 12″ figures for $12.90. Some people have been lucky enough to find the new 12″ bounty hunters at the discount price. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the price change.



Carbon Freeze!
December 24, 2000 | 9:11 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This is it – the winners of ACPin’s Who Got Carbon-Freezed contest are up: check it out if you want to see who won.



300th Fett at TRU
December 24, 2000 | 5:46 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It appears the new 300th Fett is now showing up at TRU as well. It was found at a TRU in NJ today. Thanks to Art for the news.



Boss Nass at Etoys
December 23, 2000 | 11:20 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the The Power of the Jedi: Temple Boss Nass for $5.99 in stock now.



2001 Technics Out Now
December 23, 2000 | 6:53 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are images of the boxed Technic Lego sets. These were purchased at the FAO in Troy MI. $48 a set.
Stormtrooper Front
Stormtrooper Back
C-3PO Front
C-3PO Back



Happy Holidays
December 23, 2000 | 4:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want to take a minute to wish all of our readers the happiest of holidays and a great coming year. This year has come in gone and left my head spinning… I still wonder where it went? We have seen a lot happen this year with the line and Hasbro itself, I’m sure we have a lot more to come. Thanks to all the former employees who gave us some great things in our collections and we wish you the best. Thanks to all the employees still employed and for anything we may have coming to us. We especially thank you the readers for checking us out everyday and all the kind words we get here on how great a job we do. You make it happen and keep us going. Enjoy the coming days and stay safe.
The Yak crew



New Vader variation
December 23, 2000 | 4:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My Jawa buddy Innis over at sent me a heads up that he got some pics of the new Dagobah Vader variation we’ll see on shelves soon. I had heard, as many had, this was coming but we all didn’t know for sure, until now. Head over and check it out. Thanks and congrats to Innis for getting those pics up.



Even more Fett finds
December 23, 2000 | 4:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

More and more reports of Mr Fett being found at Target are coming. Some reports are coming from the states of Iowa and Illinois now. Yak-er Travis in with this…
Just wanted you and your readers to know that the 300th Fett was found at Target in Waterloo, IA. One left so I snagged it, who would’ve thunk you could find one in IA?”

Then Yak-er Mike wrote in saying this…

“I spotted the 300th Fett at Target in DeKalb IL. There was a full case of six there.”

Also a report of Fett being found at Walmart has now surfaced, Yak-er darthmadonna wrote…
“Hi there, I thought I’d let you know that there was 3 cases of 300th Fett at the Walmart here in Washington there were 18 figures and they were all nabbed up within minutes. So its not just @ Target. Oh yeah it was today 12/22/00”

So maybe you will have a surprise under that tree… Here’s to hoping…



KB run-down
December 23, 2000 | 8:58 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin sent in this list of all the things he found at a recent trip to KB. COuld be useful to see a big list assembled rather than individual reports:
12″ Chancellor Valorum & Senate Guard at $14.99
all four Complete Galaxy (Endor w/Ewok, Tatooine w/ Luke, Dagobah w/Yoda, Death Star w/Vader) at $4.99
Jabba’s Palace 3D Diorama at $4.99
Cantina 3D Diorama at $4.99
Anakin and Sebulba Podracers at $6.99
Naboo Fighter electronic at $9.99
Watto’s box and Tatooine Showdown at $7.99

The answers for ACPin’s Carbon Freeze contest are now online @ – winners to be announced shortly.



George in Love for Free!
December 23, 2000 | 12:27 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has a neat little Star Wars section and if you stop over there you can enter to win a FREE DVD of George Lucas In Love.



Pod Figure is Aurra Sing
December 23, 2000 | 12:26 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Pod Figure in the case assortments is Aurra Sing. It is confirmed by Hasbro in their sneak preview section where they preview the Aurra Sing 3 3/4 figure. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it. Here is a quote from that section.

“For a few months now, people have been asking us about a “Pod Figure” they have seen listed on various plans. Other fans have been begging us to create an Aurra Sing figure, unquestionably one of the coolest and most mysterious characters from Episode I. Well, now is the time to let you know: the “Pod Figure” is not an actual Podracer, but none other than Aurra Sing herself!”



SSG Poll
December 23, 2000 | 12:21 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

SSG is running a good poll, Let’s ALL make our voices heard. They was asking if you like the new Darth Maul, or if you hate it. Take a click over there and VOTE! Let’s let Hasbro know what they can do with ANOTHER DARTH MAUL.



LEGO DSDK on Sale for 60% Off
December 22, 2000 | 9:16 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Today, has placed the Mindstorms Dark Side Developers Kit, which allows you to build a walking AT-AT Walker, on sale for 60% off. They have also marked down several more sets. FBTB has the complete listing of what is on sale there now.



Future Case Assortments
December 22, 2000 | 5:12 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is a list of future case assortments for the next few months. Some new figures listed are Pod figure, Sandtrooper, Qui Gon Jedi Armor, Crusade Obi Wan and Squidface. Thanks to various sources for the case assortments and the confirmation.

Collection 1, case 000 X (Jan 01):
(4) Chewy Mechanic, (4) Pod Fig, (4) Leia Bespin Escape

case 000 4 (Feb 01):
(1) Han Solo Bespin, (1) Biker Scout, (1) Battle Dam Droid, (2) Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, (3) Chewbacca Mechanic, (2) Pod Fig, (2) Leia Bespin Escape

case 000E (April 01):
(2) Chewbacca Mechanic, (2) Pod Fig, (2) Leia Bespin Escape, (2) Qui Gon Jedi Armor, (2) Crusade Obi Wan, (2) Sandtrooper

Collection 2, 84455
case 000 R (Jan 01):
(1) Calamari, (1) K3PO, (2) Plo Koon, (2) Bounty Hunter, (3) Amidala Red Throne, (3)Sae Sae Tin

case 000 S (Mar 01):
(3) Squid Face, (3) Holo Nute Gunray, (3) Jar Jar Tatooine, (3)R2-D2 Black



More reports on Mr Fett
December 22, 2000 | 1:39 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since I posted late last night, I have got more reports of this much wanted fig being found at Target. Most reports are coming from Ohio but who knows where Mr Fett will pop-up. Here’s a few snippets from a few Yak-ers…
Yak-er Hank 5 wrote in saying…
“I thought your readers might like to know I picked up the 300th Boba Fett at my local Target in Stow (Akron area), Ohio this morning, 12-22-00. I don’t have a digital camera to make scans of the figure but, it is .0100 and all the logos are on the shoulders and the chestplate, so no variations yet. This looks like an awesome figure. Only one was left on the shelf when I got there at 8:20.”

Here’s another from Yak-er Craig, he found it in the same store…
“300th Fett found in Stow, OH Target”

Just one more for some extra reassurance, Yak-er Mark wrote with this…
“Hey Sidster,
I just got back from Target in Akron Oh they had six
300th fetts on the shelf this morning.”

So looks like they are out there, how many who knows but could be worth the trip. This is a great fig and I think it shows what Hasbro is capable of. Good Luck guys.



Deals at
December 22, 2000 | 1:35 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some more deals over at
Star Wars 12″ Emperor Palpatine Action Figure $4.99
Star Wars Authentic Miniature C-3PO Helmet $14.99 Sale
December 22, 2000 | 7:41 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the following items on sale.
LEGO Technic Destroyer Droid $34.90
LEGO Millennium Falcon $69.90
LEGO Naboo Fighter $11.90
LEGO Technic Pit Droid $11.90
LEGO Slave One $11.90
LEGO UCS Tie Interceptor $59.90
LERGO UCS X-Wing $104.00
LEGO X-Wing $20.90
LEGO Technic Battle Droid $20.90



Action Fleet holy grail finds?
December 22, 2000 | 12:54 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yes it’s true Yak-er Chris out in New Jersey found some at a Mace’s outlet store. Chris got his hands on the ultra-rare E-Wing, Tie Defender, and Jabba’s Sail Barge for an unheard of $4.99. Man now THAT’S a steal. Condition wasn’t mint but heck for $4.99 I would be estatic, and being an opener of all my AF man I’d be happy. These three still elude me… Chris also mentioned the same store having the preview Stap for $1.99. Sounds like this Mace is the place…



More KB finds
December 22, 2000 | 12:47 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Reports just keep coming in on finds from KB. Yak-er Nick found Invasion Force Obi, Maul, and Battle Droid along with the cool Jabba’s Palace pop-up playset. This playset is really cool and I love the melted down Carbo Block that comes with it. Nick found these in N Charleston, SC. Thanks Nick for the tip off.



300th Fett found at Target
December 21, 2000 | 11:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well big news to report from a mystery Yak-er in Bismarck, ND. Mr Fett was found at 8 pm on a Target shelf there for $9.99. There was a case of six found. Could we see more of these pop up? I think we could some were reported a little while back so maybe a few are still lingering just waiting to be found. So now the search begins. If anyone else finds these please give me a holler here.



New 12″ OUT NOW!
December 21, 2000 | 11:16 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting the new 12″ Sith Lord 2 pack is now showing up at TRU in CA. And is reporting the new 12″ Bounty Hunters are showing up at Target for $24.99 in CA.



Plo Koon on the Way!
December 21, 2000 | 2:55 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 6) (Item #84455D, $89.99) is on the way. Hasbro just confirmed shipment of this great new case assortment. Expect delivery to you by early January! Includes 3x Plo Koon, 3x K-3P0 – Echo Base Protocol Droid, 3x Mon Calamari Officer, 3x IG-88. Only at Entertainment Earth.



Hunting for Bounty Hunters?
December 21, 2000 | 12:49 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TNC Universe have the 12″ Bounty Hunters in stock right now for those of you who’re searching! Head over and check it out!



Need new POTJ?!
December 21, 2000 | 12:47 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Liz sent this info in:
“I just wanted to let you know that i bought all the new star wars figs for $6.95 at they had all the new ones dagobah, biker scout, bespin han and many more. i thought that this was a great buy and wanted to share it with everyone.”
I don’t think we’ve had any feedback on this website before, so if you order and have any complaints, let us know. We try to mention only sites who have a lot of positive feedback rather than complaints. Thanks!



Hallmark Ornaments
December 21, 2000 | 12:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matt writes:
“Last night I visited my local Hallmark store (in Worcester, MA
area) and found some great deals. I was able to pick up both the Naboo Starfighter and Han Solo ornaments (from 1999) for only $1 each. They also had many other non-Star Wars ornaments for only a buck (e.g. Star Trek stamp, Superman stamp…basically anything left over from 1999). Interested collectors may want to check out their local Hallmark shops.”



Who Got Carbon Freezed?
December 21, 2000 | 12:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Don’t forget that today is the last day you can enter ACPin’s Who Got Carbon-Freezed contest. The prizes are as follows:
First Prize: Luke and Wampa Beast Asst
Second Prize: FF Weequay Trilogo
Third Prize: Watto’s Box CS
Fourth Prize: Kabe & Muftak
Fifth Prize: Jabba’s Skiff Guards CS
Ends midnight tonight (EST).
To enter, check out the details on ACPin’s website. I haven’t had a try at it myself, not had time to sit down and look properly, but I had a quick look at it and it looked quite tough! Good luck!



Swimming Jar Jar Surfaces
December 21, 2000 | 12:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Marsboy picked up the Swimming Jar Jar Binks wave at a Family Toy Warehouse store in the Cleveland area, NE Ohio. He said that there was only one Jar Jar, but plenty of other soft goods wave figures. Priced @ $1.97 each.



Boomer Damage Ideas
December 21, 2000 | 8:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The had a link to the possible variation of the boomer damage droid, but what I found on this link was much more interesting than the possible variation. Did you know that the damage glows in under a UV light. Check out the images and what they did with the damage on a regular R2-D2.



A New Direction for the Star Wars Fan Club 
December 21, 2000 | 8:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The Start Wars fan Club Has a new home and a new annoucement from, click on the link to read all about it. We should also see a new online store from Wizards in the Spring of 2001. And as mentioned here back when the news broke, anyone that is a current member will have an extra issue added on to the end of their membership.



Late Ep1 waves at Big-K?
December 21, 2000 | 12:01 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well got another email from another Yak-er, this time Pat Pscherer wrote in with some cool finds. Pat found some late Ep1 figs at Big-K in Crofton, MD. He found Sio Bibble, Ascension gun Amidala, Holo Sidious, and Naboo Royal Guard-the one with the removable helmet and goatee. Pat also mentioned they had a bunch of Pit Droid 2-pks. None of the figs were clearanced he mentioned but like Pat said “Retail is way better than the prices for these guys on e-Bay”. So check any stores you can, you never know what you’ll hit and where you’ll hit it. Good luck guys.



Wizards poor shipping…
December 20, 2000 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Mike wrote in with info on some product he ordered from the new owned Wizards of the Coast Star Wars FC. Mike wasn’t pleased with shipping so he called and got some possible good info here’s the full scoop.
“I just got in a UPS package from Wizards of the Coast online fan club. It arrived quickly, but boy, was I disappointed when I opened it! I ordered a LEGO X-Wing (the first, smaller one) and two Pote Skitkins. They sent along a free Darth Maul bank, as the website said they would. The packing was so poor that the bank had pierced a thumb-sized hole in the X-Wing box and had crushed one corner and part of the bubble on one of the Snitkins.
When I called this morning, I told them how important it was to collectors that items arrive in pristine condition. The operator was very sympathetic, and said they would try to improve their packaging. He said they would make some gesture to compensate for the problem with some amount of credit to my account (a manager is going to decide how much, and call me back).
At the end of the conversation, I said how great it has that the shipping was free. AND HERE’S THE INTERESTING PART: The operator said that they’ll probably keep doing that.
Free shipping from the Fan Club?! This would be great. It may even make up for the slightly-overpriced figures. Let’s see how it turns out.
Thanks for maintaining an EXCELLENT website!

Though Mike got his stuff in not so great condition they seem to be real cooperative. So free shipping? That would be really cool like Mike said, but we’ll see… Thanks Mike for the good words and for the info of course.



Bothan Collectables stock update
December 20, 2000 | 11:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Mark over at Bothan Collectables in the UK wrote in with this info on some stock they have in right now. This is a definite plus for anyone living in the UK that needs POTJ figs.

We now have the POTJ Biker Scout wave in stock at the moment.
We have:
Biker Scout
Han Bespin
Battle Droid Boomer damage
Ben Kenobi
and more
UK customers should be able to get them from us at a significantly lower price than the majority of UK retailers charge.
Thanks & Merry Christmas.

Of course here’s a quick link to them.



Wuher Update
December 20, 2000 | 4:05 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

VMRP called the fan club and was told Wuher was being put on their wish list for next year. Hopefully we’ll see a new supply coming back in soon.
He was also told that the Carbon Freeze Chamber will retail for $24.99.



Them crazy Jawas
December 19, 2000 | 11:57 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The little brown scavenger friends of mine at are giving away R2… R2 you ask? Yup good ol’ R2-B1. So get over there now and register, they will give him away on Xmas day.



Hasbro poll
December 19, 2000 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Ok people we need to get over to Hasbro and vote now….
Guys seems like this is as close as the US presidental election. I understand the lead our favorite Jabba’s alien Amanaman has is only around 2%. So let’s get him higher. Hasbro claims this is our last chance to get him, and we know if Yarael is doing as good as he is we’ll most likely see him produced in the future. Guys get over there and vote now. Here’s a link to the site.



MORE from KB
December 19, 2000 | 6:52 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Chad Ryan writes:
“This past Monday I found the Falumpaset and Ammo Wagon at KB as well as the Jabba with the Two headed announcer here in Huntsville, Al. My TRU also got the CommTech Vader and Stormtrooper that same day.”

George Moppin sent in this report from Harrisburg/central PA:
“Our local kay bee toy stores are carrying watto’s box and tatooine showdown for 7.99, sith attack speeder/darth maul and gungan scout sub/obi-wan for 2.99, ammo wagon w/falumpaset 5.99,and the 12”
chancellor valorum/guard 2-pack for 14.99. No commtech waves at our toys r us stores, no new power of the jedi anywhere!



Wuher gone for good?
December 19, 2000 | 6:50 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Jayson wrote in to say that he called the Fan Club to check on his order for a Wuher figure and was told he is no longer available – they have sold out their existing stock and doubt they’ll get more. Refunds are on the way in the next few weeks. If anyone else hears a similar story, please let us know so we can confirm this.



R2 Holo at TRU
December 19, 2000 | 5:03 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Mail has been pouring in about people finding these from all over. I would definetly take a pit stop in to TRU if you need this piece still. I haven’t seen any yet here in S East Ma area but I think we’ll see them soon. I have had reports of some finding these in the Boston area and also in Conn, so any day these could hit here. As for the rest of the country reports scattered from everywhere have come in. Good luck and report any finds to any of us here at Yak.

Update [Greg]: Tor Gundersen reports finding about 10 cases of the R2/Stormtrooper/Vader wave at a TRU store in Atlanta. Please, if you find these, post the location and quantity of the figures in our store reports section. That’s the best place to look if you’re trying to find info on where to pick these up.



Valorum at KB
December 19, 2000 | 4:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys it is true, a few emails here and some reports on some various sites can be confirmed by good ol’ Sidster himself. I picked one up at KB in Warwick, RI today for unreal low of $15. Still hard to believe considering these went for $70 originally at the FC. Another funny thing is that these aren’t even a year old. I can’t figure out what is up with Hasbro and I probably never will. Don’t feel bad guys I was also one that paid the full FC price, but I couldn’t leave it there for $15 either. Also saw some more older 12″ at this KB the New Hope asst. and the Return asst. were there also for $7.99 each. Not much else in the way of warehouse stuff though. Good luck and grab the deals while you can. SALES
December 19, 2000 | 12:52 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some awesome deals! has these special deals going on right now.
Darth Maul Trophy Figure $1.99
12″ TC-14 Electronic Figure $4.99
Darth Maul and Sith Speeder $2.99
12″ Electronic Ben and Vader $9.99
Interactive Yoda $14.99



December 18, 2000 | 10:25 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys a great friend of mine finally got a page up for his incredible dioramas. He does some unreal work and someday I got to fly him up here to get him to do something for me… His name is Bill Cox and some of his work has been shown on CollectStarWars and Niub Niub’s Universe. You can check out his page here.

UPDATE:Well I am proud to say that Bill will soon join us here at Yak and have is own diorama section. For now hit the link above to see some of his incredible work, but look for a new section with all of Bill’s work soon… Congrats Bill welcome aboard.



Holo Sidious at KB?
December 18, 2000 | 10:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Got a mail from Yak-er Scott in Georgia and he reports finding good ol’ Mr Holo Sid and the Naboo guard on the pegs today at his local KB. If anyone else is finding these at KB let me know, first I’ve heard of them showing up there but these days anything is possible. Looks like the warehouses are getting another good ol’ cleaning. I wonder when it’ll stop but some are loving it I’m sure.



Variation or error?
December 18, 2000 | 10:12 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

George over at has posted a possible variation on the Boomer Damage Battle Droid. It shows two different versions, one has a purple tint on the Boomer Damage part whereas the other is just blue. Of course with me being a variation hunter I am curious now to get my hands on one. I am looking to know though if ths is more an error (black vest Maul) or a true variation. Anyone else that has one give me a shout here.



New POTJ figs
December 18, 2000 | 9:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Toymaniacs has some new POTJ fig in stock such as Han (Bespin capture), Boomer battle droid, Fode and Beed and more.



More on Mega Destroyer
December 18, 2000 | 6:48 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Rob wrote in to say that he found a Mega Destroyer Droid at an Electronics Boutique store. This backs up Sidster’s report so be on the lookout at your local store if you need this one.



KB Finds
December 18, 2000 | 6:46 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

JediSpawn writes:
“I was in my local Kay-Bee Yesterday (Valdosta, Ga.) and to my total surprise I found: Wattos’ Box, and the Tatooine Showdown for 7.99. And in Wal-Mart I found the POTF 2 Death Star Escape and Cellblock Escape playsets, which is great because I never bought them in ’95!”



Jabba Diorama
December 18, 2000 | 6:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Robb Kale found the Jabba’s Palace diorama with Han Solo/Carbonite at a KB in Boardman, Ohio. Worth a look if you’re still after this set.



Jar Jar Naboo Swamp
December 18, 2000 | 6:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We just received the very last shipment of Star Wars Episode I action figures containing the rare Jar Jar Binks – Naboo Swamp (a.k.a. Swimming Jar Jar). E1 Asst. Coll. 1 (Wave 11) (Item #84085K, $149.99) case was the only case this item ever shipped in. After our limited supply is sold out, these will be gone forever! Only at Entertainment Earth.

E1 Asst. Coll. 1 (Wave 11), $149.99 Contains: 1x Jar Jar Binks – Naboo Swamp, 3x Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master – AKA Soft Goods) 3x Destroyer Droid with Battle Damage, 2x Anakin Naboo Pilot, 2x Obi Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight), 3x Darth Maul (Sith Lord), 2x Darth Maul Tatooine.



More Commtech Figures Appearing
December 18, 2000 | 5:31 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

News from the MSWCC and other emails from around the states have it that the R2 w/Holo Leia and the Comttech Vader and Stormtrooper have been showing up more readily at your local Toy’s R Us stores.



Princess Leia on TV
December 18, 2000 | 5:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Philip over at Rebelscum has pointed out that Carrie Fisher will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Primetime” this Thursday. 10:00 PM Eastern.



This Weeks Winner
December 18, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Stephen Prescott as he is the winner of this weeks Ultarama Stand provided by



Who has what?
December 18, 2000 | 3:18 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Did a little surfing around net today and found some stuff you guys might still need or want. Here’s what I found at a few places.

Entertainment Earth
– 12″ Sith Lords set, 12″ 100th Luke, 12″ Bounty Hunters and almost all POTJ waves except Plo Koon wave.

Amok Time– Seem to be still taking orders for the FC Carbon Chamber set and also 300th Fett.

John’s Toys– Has the 12″ Sith Lords set and some POTJ Han Bespin wave.

eToys– I noticed a few cheaper POTJ figs and they still have the 12″ Chewie in chains.

Newforce– Has the 12″ Sith Lords set, and some POTJ. I understand the 100th Luke and 12″ Hunters should be in soon also.

So guys I hope this helps. Shop away, if you have any $ left that is…



Battle for Naboo
December 18, 2000 | 7:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Can’t wait for the inital release on Wednesday? It appears that Amazon has it in stock now. Star Wars Episode 1 : Battle for Naboo, the page states that it will ship within 24 hours. Update, Thanks to all that wrote in, it appears that this is on the shelf already on some parts of the country.



Mega Destroyer Droid at TRU
December 17, 2000 | 4:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

I’ve gotten a few reports of the Mega Destroyer Droid starting to show up at TRU. This is the first I’ve heard it showing up anywhere but Target. Thanks to Dan and Bob for the news.

UPDATE:I can help confirm this with Brian. I saw three Mega DD’s at a local TRU this morning. Also pop into an EB if you have any local, saw a couple there last week too.



Qui Gon Production Figure
December 17, 2000 | 4:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

I saw a Qui Gon Moisture Farmer production figure (Item #527241794) on ebay today. An interesting piece to own if you like rare items.



Marmit Vader? NOT!!!
December 17, 2000 | 10:13 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Ok, special Thanks to C L for the news. Here is a link explaining everything. The figure that has been shown all over is nothing but a model. Click on the link for all the viewing that needs to be taken. Sorry for the mis-info.



Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) Variant?
December 17, 2000 | 6:24 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted a scan of two Battle Droid Boomer Damage figures which have slightly different paint jobs. Could simply be a factory error or possibly a variation. In any case, it’s interesting to look at.



Marmit Vader or not…?
December 16, 2000 | 5:06 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Ok guys now things are getting weird, got an email from a
Yak-er in Japan and he said that the Vader shown here last night is not made by Marmit… Hmmm so now this makes things even more interesting. I guess since pics of the doll have shown up it was thought to be a prototype for the Marmit Vader that has been talked about, but it really isn’t. Now I have been told it is just a fan-made piece. Here’s a link to some better pics, click the thumbnails for some large clear pics.
Thanks to our overseas Yak friend for helping clear this up.



Are You Still Having Troubles?
December 16, 2000 | 4:25 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Are you still looking for some of the first wave of POTJ Figures?
Email me if you are looking for any of the following….
Darth Maul with Sticker
Darth Maul without Sticker on bubble
Anakin with Droid
Obi-Wan Jedi Knight
R2-D2 with Wheels



12″ Legacy Asst Review
December 16, 2000 | 6:38 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Keith Jakubowski sent in this photo and the following review of the 12″ Legacy assortment:

“I received my 12” Legacy assortment from EE today and they were definately worth the wait (well, except for 4-LOM).
The first thing I noticed was the box. It says “SW 12″ POTF BNTY HUNTER ASST EXCL” on the side. Were these originally slated to be exclusives somewhere?”

IG-88 is by far the best of the group. He stands over 13″ tall and the articulation is superb with outstanding detail. He has a ball joint head and his arms can go up and down at the shoulders. The elbows can be moved up and down and they also swivel to provide a wide range of motion. The wrists also swivel to add just a little more articulation. You have to extend his legs after removing him from the box and unfortunately, I’ve already noticed that they don’t really “lock” into place when you extend them. The right leg on my IG-88 is already a little loose and he tilts right when he is standing unsupported. Looks like this one is definately going to need a stand. He has a standard issue Imperial blaster (thank goodness Hasbro decided to get rid of the bright red missles) and a longer rifle. IG-88 is the best of the bunch.
9.5 / 10

Next up is Bossk. Bossk has your normal 12″ articulation (neck,
shoulders, elbows, waist, knees). His flightsuit is similar to Luke X-Wing’s but it is definately different. His blaster is very nice as well although with the way Hasbro attached the strap, you really can’t do much else with it besides slinging it on his shoulder. 8.5 / 10

Our worst fears just got worse. The legs and arms were taken directly from C-3PO and TC-14. One hand was removed and changed so he can actually hold his blaster rifle (which, incidentally, is exactly the same as IG-88’s). The torso was changed a little bit from C-3PO and the head is just awful. From what it looks like to me, it is GLUED onto his body and cannot be moved at all. Its also a much lighter shade of grey which really looks out of place with the rest of his body. I would have much rather seen Dengar or Zuckuss.
6 / 10



Some clearance finds
December 16, 2000 | 1:47 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have been getting a few reports of people finding some of the much talked about, “elusive” clearance toys lately. Some finds range from Jabba with Fode and Beed to R2 with Holo Leia to Invasion Force Obi and Maul. Here’s a quick rundown of some stuff and where to look…

KB/KB Toyworks- Wattos Box, Jabba with Fode and Beed, Invasion Force Obi and Maul

TRU- R2 with Holo Leia, CT Stormtroopers and Vader, Naboo Guard and Holo Sidi, Maul and Obi-Wan two packs, Invasion Force Jar Jar, Trade Federation tanks, Royal Starship

So get out there and be one of the lucky few. I myself can confirm some of this stuff, as I have seen it myself. Deals are to be had guys so that quick run in may prove to be worth it.



Marmit Vader?
December 16, 2000 | 1:27 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be true? Well talk of this has floated around in the past and with these prototype pics looks like the talk is true. I must say I can’t wait to see some better pics, but in the mean time these tie me over, see if you agree. Here’s pic oneand here’s pic two. I’m sure the detail will be just as equal as we have seen on all the other Marmit dolls so far, if not better. Word is we’ll see Mr. Skywalker in 2001.

Here is another set of nice images of the Vader, Thanks to Inky for them.



POTJ Concept Figure
December 15, 2000 | 7:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting that the Darth Maul Sith Apprentice figure will be the first of five non-movie figures planned for 2001. A Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan based on concept art, and two figures based on comic book adaptations of Episode I characters will be the other four figures.



12″ Request
December 15, 2000 | 6:54 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

To the 100 plus people that responded to my inquiry “Do you collect all the 12″ figures? Are you crazy about 12″ figures? If so I need to hear from you. Send me an email.” I apologize that I had a severe mishap with my email and I lost all the responses. Please resend your email to me, all I need at this point is your name and email address, I will be sending you a return email with what I am looking for. Once again I do apologize.



25 Star Wars LEGO Sets on Sale at!
December 15, 2000 | 4:25 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Hinted at by the Deal of the Day, actually has 25 Star Wars LEGO sets on sale right now, including some that I’ve never seen before! FBTB has the complete list. Just in time to finish your holiday shopping!



Who Got Carbon-Freezed?
December 15, 2000 | 12:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin in running a competition on his website with the above title. Here’s the information he sent:
“As a token of my appreciation and in the spirit of the holiday season, I’m giving all of those who’ve come to my site a chance to win some Star Wars figures from my collection.

First Prize: Luke and Wampa Beast Asst
Second Prize: FF Weequay Trilogo
Third Prize: Watto’s Box CS
Fourth Prize: Kabe & Muftak
Fifth Prize: Jabba’s Skiff Guards CS

Hurry, contest ends on December 21, 2000. Winners to be announced December 24, 2000.”

To enter, follow the instruction on his website.



Sith Lords in stock
December 15, 2000 | 12:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TNC Universe have the 12″ Sith Lords in stock for $44.95! They also have new prices on a lot of POTJ items. Stop by and take a look!



Still need Biker wave?
December 14, 2000 | 11:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Still need the Biker scout wave? Well John’s Toys has them in stock now for $9.99 a piece not a bad deal if you need them. Strike while the irons hot they say, good luck.



12″ In Stock at
December 14, 2000 | 9:22 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are 4 older 12″ figures that are now available online for the low price of $12.99, just Click Right here and search on each figure.
12″ Grand Moff Tarkin Action Figure with Interrogator Droid
12″ Greedo Action Figure
12″ Luke Skywalker Action Figure in Ceremonial Gear
12″ Sandtrooper Action Figure



12″ Dewback for $24.95??
December 14, 2000 | 4:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There have been several reports on the Action Figure Times that the 12″ Dewback is now on sale ONLY in Canadian TRU’s for $24.95. A huge bargin if you live in Canada.



LEGO UCS Sets 1/2 Off!
December 14, 2000 | 3:59 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

With all due apologies to the ‘Buy of the Day’, De has reported at FBTB that has both of the LEGO UCS sets (the TIE Interceptor and X-Wing) for $50 and $75 each! We’ve got coupon codes as well to save you even more . . .



Free Shipping!
December 14, 2000 | 12:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

M & M are offering free US shipping to all orders over $25 until Dec 15th! Head over and check out what they’ve got in stock.



Looking for a Last Minute X-Mas Gift?
December 14, 2000 | 10:19 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well I have taken the time to root through some sites looking for the best deals I could find. So click right here to see the entire list.



Need the Gungan Scout Sub?
December 13, 2000 | 10:52 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Action Ace has the Invasion Force Gungan Sub with Obi-Wan in stock for $13.99



Is Your Favorite Place For News?
December 13, 2000 | 2:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is holding a poll at the moment for their readers to vote for their favorite Star Wars Collecting Site. is listed on the poll and we would like it if you voted for us. But don’t vote for us because we said to make your own choice. Even if yakface isn’t your favorite. Head over and take a moment to vote. Let everyone know which site they like the best.



KayBee Jabba?
December 12, 2000 | 9:01 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Could this be the latest for KayBee Stores? This came in from Bobb, “Not huge news but I bought the Jabba EP 1 beast pack today from Kay Bee in Zanesville Ohio for $4.99. The Fode and Beed that comes with this is far superior to the carded version!!” Thanks Bobb. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you find one.



Some stuff around the net
December 12, 2000 | 6:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I was just doing some surfing around the net and spotted some stuff worth checking out, here goes….

Our friends over at have some cool info for the holiday shopping season. They have a few reports of where to find that perfect gift for the Star Wars collector in your life.

The little brown cloaked dudes over at have another cool give away going on. This time they have hoarded the ultra cool Dagobah Vader and Mos Espa Qui-Gon. This contest runs til Dec 18th, go get’em guys.

CollectStarWars has some great pics of the Carbon Freeze Chamber playset. They did a great review and also got some great loose shots for your pleasure.

Coruscant has a cool poll going on, asking for what new figs we’d like to see. They have three choices all that I’d love to see a fig of. Yarna D’al Gargan, Imperial Dignitary, and Oppo Rancisis round out the choices. I noticed the Dignitary in the lead but I would love a Yarna before that one. We all ask for new figs and she is as new as we can get, considering a figure has never been produced of her outside a vintage prototype. So head over and vote guys.



$4 POTJ at Target
December 12, 2000 | 9:17 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Tom for the following news.

“Thought I’d let you guys know that while I was in the Chicago area this past week, I noticed that Target had their figures marked down to $4.09. I talked to a local, and they said that another Target store in the area had done the same thing. The prices apparently dropped a couple of weeks ago.”

This is not the first Target I have heard about having $4 POTJ figures. It is not known though if this will turn into a nationwide price change.



The Results Are In!!!
December 12, 2000 | 7:27 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We have the winners!!! After SEVERAL recounts and appeals, we have completed the 100th hand recount and the Winners can be seen in the new header. I know we only asked for your top six, however, I needed eight to complete the header, then I decided that since number eight and nine were so close, (it was a tie) I added the ninth figure. To complete the top ten, Slave Leia was number ten. Thanks to all for voting.



New Poll
December 12, 2000 | 7:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

In letting you the fans have your voice here are the results of the last poll:
Do you like the new Force Files?
Love them (165) 13%
They are OK (410) 33%
They are terrible (125) 10%
Don’t Care (245) 20%
Bring back the Freeze Frames (277) 22%

There is a new poll, please take the time and make your voice heard. Sorry no recounts on these.



Ultarama Stand
December 11, 2000 | 6:53 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This weeks winner is Tom Davidson. Congrats to him and a special thanks to Ultarama Stands for the special giveaways. If you have not entered, click on the image to the left and send in your name.



Shipping for Christmas
December 11, 2000 | 6:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’m posting the latest M & M Collectibles newsfeed here because it’s something that everyone should read now that Christmas is so close:

“Christmas shipping. For international customers, today (Dec 11)is the last day to place an order and expect it to arrive before Christmas – unfortunately, we cannot guarantee international delivery times. However, it usually takes about 10 days for international addresses.

US Customers – Friday December 15 is the last day we will GUARANTEE
Christmas shipping. More than likely, orders placed by December 20 will arrive in time for Christmas, but we will not guarantee them.

We have added several items to the main page that we have been asked about lately. Along the right hand side you will find links to our privacy statement, returns/security policies, and info about us and a FAQ.”



Charity Event
December 11, 2000 | 6:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I received this from after the charity event we mentioned recently – the one we were asking for volunteers for. They got a few helpers and they sent this along:

“I wanted to let you know our event with the Ronald McDonald House was a great success. We gave out over 920 carded action figures and 100 Applause Toddler cups along with several large toys and dolls supplied by Jeff Romanoff who is now along with our other 4 volunteer’s great friends. We are including 3 pictures from the event
and will gladly supply more if you want. We want to thank your site for posting the request’s for costumed troopers because without you
we would not have gotten the 4 great volunteers we had. If you could post their names I would greatly appreciate it. They are all from the 501st: Lance Starmer, Jeff Romanoff and his girlfriend Jane, Keith Arbeeny and George Metz.”

So, big thanks to all of you for helping out! You can check out some photos from the event here:
Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3



The new Trade Federation
December 11, 2000 | 6:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys in the past I have spoke of, and recommended an online collector group I have been part of for almost two years now called the SWCU (Star Wars Collector Union). Well soon the SWCU will be defunct, BUT replacing it will be the incredible Trade Federation. The group is totally revamped from the name to a great news site to all new forums. Anyone is welcome to join, BUT please read all rules before… There is a strict no scalping rule and also a very strict eBay rule. So if you are looking for some great help and a crazy bunch of people visit here, guys you won’t regret.



SW#2 for 2000
December 11, 2000 | 6:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Raving Toy Maniac posted today that the NPD Group Inc., has released its list of the Top-Selling Action Brand Toys of 2000.
1. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – Bandai
2. Star Wars – Hasbro
3. Pokemon – Hasbro
4. WWF – JAKKS Pacific
5. Transformers – Hasbro



Target LEGO sale
December 11, 2000 | 10:33 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

In the new ad this week, they have the B-Wing for $24 dollars, and we have received various reports stating that the Budle pack with the Mos Espa Pod Race, the Small Lego set with Quin Gon and Maul and the 3rd set, the Droid Fighter has been seen on sale for an even lower price of $30. So keep an eye out for that incredible deal.



Bespin Freeze Chamber Playset
December 11, 2000 | 10:24 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Stop in over at Rebelscum as Philip has posted some very nice shots of the playset. They also have a nice little article in the new Toyfare. Stop in there to read it.



Star Wars Trilogy on VCD
December 11, 2000 | 10:22 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Want the trilogy on the next best thing to DVD, stop by and order the trilogy for $29, they also have Episode one for $13



All I want for Christmas is a Marmit Boba Fett… Recall?
December 11, 2000 | 9:42 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Hobbylink Japan issued this email to their customers who ordered the Marmit Fett.

“Marmit plans to recall this item because of a color error in the production process. Our distributor asked us to return the merchandise.

The “error” is as follows: Boba Fett’s shoulder plates and knee covers are supposed to be the exact same shade of yellow. However, in the figures from this production run, the knee covers are a very slightly darker shade of yellow than the shoulder plates, with a very small hint of orange in them. The difference is apparent if you study the two parts carefully, but the two colors are very, very close.

We would like to provide you with a photo to show the two colors directly compared, but in our digital photo tests, it was impossible to tell the two colors apart in jpeg format. As such, after careful consideration, it is our judgment that this problem does not detract from the appearance of the figure, and we have decided to ship the stock we have received. However, for those customers who are willing to wait until Marmit produces a “perfect” batch, we are happy to accept your cancellation at this time. We have been informed that the replacement production for this figure will not be available until April 2001, so we will not be able to get you one any sooner than that time if you choose to cancel now.”

Interesting, and an example of quality control we could only wish from Hasbro. I’m mulling over a speak-up article on that topic, but surprisingly enough I didn’t even notice this paint discrepancy until after getting this email. I do, however, think the red tones on his helmet are too muted. Mind you, I still think this figure is AWESOME!

Thanks to Dennis for forwarding the actual email.



12″ Sith Lords
December 11, 2000 | 7:37 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those that may have missed the news bit.. Yak-er Stacy noticed the 12″ Sith Lords two pack at eToys for $49.99 + $5.50 shipping. I’m sure these won’t last long hit here for a direct link. Thanks to Stacy for the tip.



KBKids Sale Items
December 11, 2000 | 7:36 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are a few new deals over at;
Electronic Power F/X X-wing with Figure $17.99
Mos Espa Encounter Cinema Scene $2.99



December 10, 2000 | 11:51 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Not sure if this has been posted before but here are several SKU’s from TRU for upcoming SW figs. Thanks to Brad for the SKU’s.

142894 – 12 inch Luke Skywalker
165215 – 300th figure Fett
119380 – Vader and Maul 12 inch 2 pack
204709 – 12 inch Legacy Bounty Hunter Assortment



New Figures for $5?
December 10, 2000 | 6:21 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tom McNeal writes:
“In Birmingham, Alabama, I just found the Biker Scout wave at a local Wal Mart… and the shelf tag said $4.98 on each peg (around 20 pegs or so) and they rung up at that price too.”



12″ Bounty Hunter Pics
December 9, 2000 | 11:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If anyone is curious Entertainment Earth has some really nice clear and large pics of the new 12″ bounty hunters. Clickhere to see them.



Skiffs in Australia
December 9, 2000 | 11:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to the GhostWhoRuns for the following news.
“Just writing to let your Australian readers know that the Tatooine Skiff has finally appeared in Australia. Found a lot of them sitting at the Melbourne TRU.”



December 9, 2000 | 7:19 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A note to any readers who ordered something or were going to order from R2DToys, the British company we mentioned recently in association with the 300th Boba Fett figure. Clive, owner of the company, and also Yakface reader James let us know that they have caught a rather nasty computer virus which seems to be causing havok right now. I personally have received infected attachments to e-mails a lot recently. it’s one of those viruses that will attach itself to all outgoing e-mail without you knowing. Make sure your virus protection software is up to date.
If you want to contact R2Dtoys in the meantime, they can’t receive e-mails, but you can call them on 0208-340-5566. That is dialling from inside the UK. For US readers, the number is 011-44-208-340-5566.

On another note, I received my Boba Fett from them and it was well packaged. Great figure!



Sebulba recall?
December 9, 2000 | 6:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got an email from Yak-er Jake, he sent over some strange info he received from eToys regarding why they did not ship his Sebulba figure. Here’s what they said…
Thank you for contacting eToys.
The Sebulba figure in question has not been cancelled by Hasbro, it has been recalled. In accordance with the United Commercial Code products deemed a negligent hazard maybe voluntarily recalled as a protection from punitive damages. Hasbro has done this with the product in question because certain plastic parts were deemed a choking hazard for children under the age of three.

If you have any other questions, please call us toll-free at
1-800-GO-ETOYS (1-800-463-8697). We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. For calls outside the U.S., please dial 310-664-8530. Or you can e-mail us at

Wishing you and your family the best for this holiday season,
William H.
eToys Customer Service”

Strange, isn’t it? Well I’ll look into this more and see if I can find out a specific reason. Anyone else out there know why gimmie a holler here.



100TH Luke boxed pics
December 9, 2000 | 12:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay from ADC sent an email over letting me know he has some boxed pics of the 100TH Luke up. Another packaging change has surfaced like what happened on the 12″ Sith Lords set. I do think that the new package looks good though. I am diappointed with the set for a few reasons… We have had all the outfits and accessories in the set before, only a very few are new and nothing to scream about. Head sculpt is great but is that worth screaming over either? I think some new style of clothing would have been killer (e.g. Luke from end of Empire in robe, Luke in Endor gear). But what can we do… I wonder if all these package samples will suface one day soon and what they will go for…? Hit the link above for pics.



Another Mega DD problem?
December 9, 2000 | 12:17 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just got another report of a broken Mega Destroyer Droid, but this one is not the legs, this time it’s a broken arm. Check it out here. This came in from a very good friend of mine, he said he noticed it after some company left Thanksgiving day… Looks like someone isn’t invited again next year. Anymore trouble let me know here. Still can’t understand why Hasbro seems to have gone the cheap-o way on this piece with them owning the Transformer line. Oh well can’t live with them, can’t live without them…



12″ Legacy Wave OUT
December 8, 2000 | 6:10 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The most anticipated 12 inch action figures of the year just arrived. The new Star Wars 12inch Legacy Asst.1 (Item #26470A, $139.99) includes 2x IG-88 with Rifle and Imperial Blaster, 2x Bossk with Blaster Rifle, and 2x 4-LOM with Concussion Rifle. All backorders will be filled as soon as possible. Enjoy these awesome figures! Only at Entertainment Earth.



Mega DD problems?
December 8, 2000 | 10:26 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Lately I have had a few emails and talks with some friends about the legs on the new Mega Destroyer Droids breaking. I had noticed this on one I have loose myself, as I transformed it a few times the legs started sticking and were almost impossible to move. I, at one point almost broke mine but luckily didn’t. Strange coming from the company that does the Transformer line themselves. What I did to help prevent this was unscrew the screw in the ball joint section where the legs stick out of, you also have to pop the section open cause it is also glued in. Once I got it open I took the legs out dipped them in oil (you could use any lubricant) and put it all back together and BAM worked fine. So if you have this problem do what I did or run the risk of them snapping. A great toy otherwise just a flaw I can’t figure out the reason for.



Bounty Hunter pics
December 8, 2000 | 10:16 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My man Moby-wan sent over an email to let me know him and the guys at have some boxed pics of the 12″ Bounty Hunter’s. Must say they look insane and can’t wait to nab them. We should see these very soon as I talked with a source on these, and they are in transit to some stores and warehouses now.

OPPS guys I goofed I put in a link to Echostation and should have been Echotrooper, link is all set now. Think my mind is frozen, we are having our first snowfall this year and it’s freezing



New SW Fan Club Website
December 7, 2000 | 5:49 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a now a new transitional SW Fan Club website up at Wizards of the Coast. There isn’t much there or in stock to buy, but there should be more as time goes on. Click here to go see it.



New In Stock at EE!
December 7, 2000 | 1:33 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

New Star Wars Figures In Stock
SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 5) (Item #84455C, $89.99 – Fode & Beed – Podrace Announcers, Sebulba – Boonta Eve Challenge)
SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 7) (Item #84445C, $89.99 – Han Solo Bespin Capture, Battle Droid Boomer Damage, Scout Trooper – Imperial Patrol (Biker Scout)) are both in stock and shipping!

Be sure to check out our complete line of Star Wars POTJ Action Figures in stock now including:

84445AA, SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wv 1.5), $89.99
Includes 3x Qui-Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise, 3x Leia Organa General, 2x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2x R2-D2 Naboo Escape, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi and 1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic
84455B, SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 3), $89.99
Includes 2x Jek Porkins X-Wing Pilot, 2x Boss Nass Gungan Sacred Place, 1x Gungan Warrior, 1x Tusken Raider, 1x Chewbacca Dejarik Champion, 1x Mas Amedda, 2x Coruscant Guard, and 2x Battle Droid Security.
84445B, SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 4), $89.99
Includes 3x Dagobah Darth Vader (POTF), 3x Obi-Wan Kenobi (POTF), 2x Darth Maul Final Duel, 2x Qui Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi and 1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic.



Muftak invades Factory2U
December 7, 2000 | 1:26 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Factory 2U stores in Arizona have been receiving the Kabe/Muftak exclusive two-pack. Thanks to Kyle for the news. If anyone knows what price these are being sold for, please let me know.

UPDATE:Greg the Muftak packs are going for a mere steal of three dollars. Yup imagine guys get out there and grab them.



December 7, 2000 | 1:24 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has updated his dioramas website with his take on how the Snowtroopers actually got out of the AT-ATs. I took a look at it myself and it looks good to me! I used to picture those Snowtrooper dropping down to the ground with parachutes or something!!



The Jawa’s do it again
December 6, 2000 | 10:20 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Head over to and try to score yourself some Ep1 “soft goods” figs courtesy of our little scavenger friends. The little guys are giving away a Qui Gon (Jedi Master) and Obi-Wan (Jedi Knight) for nada, zilch, zero, nothing. Not much is truly free anymore, so good luck.



KBkids in Stock Sale Items
December 6, 2000 | 9:35 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Now back in stock are these two items.
12″ Star Wars Princess Leia Ceremonial Gown $9.99
Star Wars Deluxe Rancor Creature with Luke $19.99
December 6, 2000 | 6:38 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Star Wars was Kenner’s most successful toy line, but have you ever
wondered about the other toys Kenner created?
can show you everything else Kenner has to offer. This site offers a history of the company, links to an ever-growing list of Kenner collecting sites, and message boards to talk with fellow collectors about specific toy lines.



Online Star Wars Blues
December 6, 2000 | 2:17 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

I’ve received many reports from readers who have ordered carded figures from online toy stores only to find them shoved in boxes too small or arrive otherwise damaged. My suggestion is that if you’re interested in mint condition, don’t buy from the big guys like Amazon, eToys, etc. They sell toys! Customers being upset at a slightly crushed package or illplaced inventory sticker is a foreign concept to them. They see them as toys not collectibles. Their view is that kids tend to tear open the packaging anyway. I personally get mine from the store, where I can cherry pick them myself, or utilize a place like EE or TNCUniverse, but as one would expect, you pay extra for the added attention to mint condition.

Here’s an eToys example sent in by Rich



Bespin Freeze Chamber
December 5, 2000 | 6:47 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well, after looking into this a little more, it appears the Freeze Chamber Playset is still on track just a little off target. We will definately be seeing it in the near future, just not the immediate future. The projected date will be in January or February. Looks like we get a late Christmas Present.



Vader Case Assortment Change
December 5, 2000 | 12:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It appears that there has been a change in the Vader wave case assortment. General Leia has been dropped and replaced with another Qui Gon Jinn. The new case assortment is now.
3x Dagobah Darth Vader
3x Obi-Wan Kenobi
2x Darth Maul Final Duel
2x Qui Gon Ginn Mos Espa Disguise
1x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi
1x Anakin Skywalker Mechanic
Entertainment Earth has also changed their case assortment to this new one and I’ve personally seen a few of the new Vader wave cases at Target this week.



Fan Club Confirmation
December 5, 2000 | 11:16 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The broke the story about the sale. I have been able to confirm it as well with the following information. If you call the 1800-truefan number today, you will wait on hold for sometime. However the person that you finally will reach will be someone from Wizards of the Coast. You will no longer be able to reach someone from Fantastic Media. I plan on speaking with Dan Madsen today to see if I can figure out what the details are. The insider will be moved from Fantastic Media to Wizards of the Coast as well as all merchandising. Also if you are waiting for issue 51, they are planning on shipping it by the end of the month. In an effort to compensate you for the wait, they will be adding an extra issue on to the end of your subscription. I will post more as I know it. Look for the official press release due out by the end of the week, maybe as soon as the end of the day.



Need to Spruce Up The Tree?
December 5, 2000 | 9:01 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Haven’t had time to get out to the local Hallmark and pickup your Star Wars ornaments. Check out this link to place your order online.



Etoys Package of Figs??
December 4, 2000 | 10:34 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

While scanning Etoys, I can across this..The Power of the Jedi Action Figure 4- Pack: Obi-Wan- Naboo Swamp, Anakin- Machanic, Qui-Gon- Moisture Farmer, Darth Maul- Generator Duel $22.99



Star Wars LEGO – Here It Comes . . .
December 4, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Starting on the east coast and now as far west as Ohio from the reports I’ve received, the new Star Wars LEGO sets are hitting WalMarts – although De has found them in a Target as well . . .



SW Fan Club SOLD!!
December 4, 2000 | 8:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is reporting that the Official SW Fan Club has been sold to Wizards of the Coast. Wizards of the Coast however, is owned by Hasbro. This could be very good since the Fan Club for the past few months has been pretty much dead. Though I’m interested to see what will happen to the SW Insider.



They do it again
December 4, 2000 | 7:53 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Both sites I mentioned earlier have some pretty cool stuff worth visting them for. and both have posted some release dates for upcoming figs check them out they look pretty on target too… Though with Hasbro things change by the minute.



Old Ben variation or error?
December 4, 2000 | 4:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just got done checking out my brown cloak friends over at and noticed a cool variation/error on the good Ol’ Ben POTJ fig just released. Jawa reader Dan Emmons scored a cool Ben with a weird saber. I would think myself it’s an error but only time will tell if many slipped out like this… Interesting nonetheless especially for us variation/ error collectors. Here’s a direct link.



K-3P0 wave OUT NOW!
December 4, 2000 | 2:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new K-3P0 wave has now been spotted in K-marts in NY and NJ today. Thanks to Dan for the news.



December 4, 2000 | 1:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine, ryo_hunter, is selling a few cool items just now on eBay. One of them is the cool promo watch that is currently featured on the left of the page, and the others include a 3D Pepsi dangler poster! Search for auctions by seller ryo_hunter.



December 4, 2000 | 1:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out our newsfeeds section on the left side of the page for some cool deals. You can read some more about the new vintage REALStands and you can see how to take advantage of a 15% off voucher for M&M Collectibles, exclusive to Yakface readers!



Utah Toy Show
December 4, 2000 | 1:04 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Scoop7 writes: “There is a toy show on Saturday Dec. 9 at the Davis County Fair Park 151 S. 1100 W. Farmington, Utah from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is 3.00 with free parking. Normaly I wouldn’t make a big deal, but this is the only toy show in Utah that I have ever heard of.”



Vintage Real Stands
December 4, 2000 | 9:02 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My buddy George over at sent along some info about new Real Stands for the vintage line. Pay George and the crew a visit for all the info. Sounds like the cries of vintage collectors round the world may have finally been heard. Still want to know how George gets all the girls… You’ll see what I mean…



Still need Fett
December 4, 2000 | 8:57 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

We all have heard that good ol’ Mr 300th Fett will not be around until after the new year… But wait, maybe just maybe you can get him before that. ADC is giving away Mr Fett and a set of POTJ figs which contains Gungan Warrior, Jek Porkins, Temple Boss Nass, General Leia, Mos Espa Disguise Qui-Gon Jinn, Dagobah Darth Vader, Fode & Beed, Ben Kenobi, Sebulba, Biker Scout, Bespin Capture Han Solo, & a Battle Droid(Boomer Damage). Not a bad round up if I say so myself. Readers have til Dec 31st to enter and on Jan 1st Jay and crew will pick a winner. Good luck people, go pay them a visit for all the details and to get yourself entered.



Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar
December 4, 2000 | 8:01 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

After giving you a simple way to get your own custom Jawa minifig yesterday, I thought since the Sandcrawler was still parked out back I’d go ahead and . . . well, click here and check it out for yourself 😉



Plo Koon soon?
December 3, 2000 | 9:24 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys not to sound like a poet, but looks like we will see the new cases containing Plo Koon, IG-88, Calamari Crewman, and K-3P0 soon here in the states. Just talked to a very reliable source and he confirmed this. Sounds good, man Hasbro is slamming us from left and right, good though as after holidays we’ll have that Jan/Feb lull. So he said these could show anytime soon another hunt to get ready for.



Duros and more
December 3, 2000 | 2:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Action Figure Times has posted some cool pics of the Duros prototype. They got some real up close and detailed pics, he looks like another winner for Hasbro. Also check out the Aura pics and some good shots of the 300th Fett. Hasbro has given us some good stuff lately, and look to continue that, well minus the EEECK concept Maul.

UPDATE:I got a few emails saying these were same pics from the Hasbro site…Opps I hadn’t noticed the Duros four different shots there. I don’t visit Hasbro site much at all so that would explain. Thanks guys for the heads up.



New LEGO at WalMart
December 3, 2000 | 2:40 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

I’ve received several reports today of them showing up at WalMarts on the east coast. FBTB continues to track all of the deals out there this holiday season, so stop in if Star Wars LEGO is on the Christmas list!



Real Scan Ep II figures is TRUE
December 3, 2000 | 2:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

According to the new issue of Toyfare the Real Scan company, Gentle Giant have been signed for Episode II figures. Gentle Giant will scan in characters from the movie. No word on what figures will be made using the Real Scan technology. For those not familiar with Real Scan it is currently used by JAKKS on their WWF figures. The result is the faces on their figures look exactly like the real person.

UPDATE:Gentle Giant is only the company that uses the Real Scan technology, they do not make the figures themselves. Hasbro will still be making the Ep II figures.



Amazon Deals!!!
December 3, 2000 | 10:42 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Check out these prices at!
Jar Jar Binks Interactive Talking Alarm Clock w/ Pit Droid $4.98, normally 29.99
Episode I Micro Machines Platform Action Set: Theed Estuary $2.98, normally 10.99
Episode I Micro Machines Deluxe Platform Action Set: #1 Royal Starship Repair $2.98, normally 19.99
12″ Star Wars Episode I Figure Set #1: Pit Droids $2.98, normally 7.50
Qui-Gon Jinn Interactive Talking Bank $4.97, normally 29.99
Sound Activated Dancing Jar Jar Binks $3.98, normally 29.99
Star Wars Episode I Action Fleet Set: Podrace Hangar Bay $1.98, normally 15.99
LEGO Star Wars Episode I Droid Fighter $1.98, normally 5.99

There are MANY MORE awesome deals. Many more MicroMachine Deals as well. Check it out.



Yet another new Maul
December 3, 2000 | 7:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Yesterday brought us Darth Maul in his armor (which, by the way, doesn’t look like it’d help him much in a fight). Today brings us hungry Maul! Thanks to Brian Levine for the pic.



Need Dagobah Vader?
December 2, 2000 | 6:06 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

He’s in stock now for $8.99 @ StarShow, along with Ben Kenobi and some other POTJ figs. Stop by if you need him! The Vader for sure won’t last long. Thanks to Clint for the info!



Maul (armor) Another Picture
December 2, 2000 | 5:54 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here’s another picture of the Darth Maul (Armor). Thanks to Shawn for the pic.



New figs…
December 2, 2000 | 3:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Finds on the new figs are popping up everywhere across the net, from Rebelscum to CollectStarWars to toADC to right here at Yak. Reports from NY across to Texas have come in. I can verify also these are hitting as I found them myself today. These were found at Walmart in N Dartmouth, Ma. Though I called this store earlier in the morning they said they had got a bunch of new figs overnight but not what I mentioned… So I decided to visit and BAM right there sitting on the pegs one Han Bespin, one Boomer B/D, and two Biker Scouts. I’m sure a minute later I would’ve missed them… So you might want to visit rather than call. Guys they are out there so gas up the car now….



Darth Maul Battle Armor??
December 2, 2000 | 11:26 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Yes it is a real figure. Head over to Rebelscum or SirSteve’s Guide, he has an image of this figure. I must say, while the image is good, the figure looks like….. well to quote Sebulba… POODOO!!!!!!!! What a LAME figure. With all hope to this one going by the way side and getting dumped. Let’s see, Hasbro in thier infinant wisdom, decided on this figure over Shmi, the mother of Darth Vader. Real brains there! I might add in after reading several emails that point this out. The Maul figure is based on the concept drawing of Darth Maul. I am not anymore impressed. Yes it does look like the concept drawings, but there are way more figures from the four movies that could have been produced rather than ANOTHER Darth Maul. I mean, he was only in the movie for 10 minutes. We now have a production drawing of the most under-utilized character in the Star Wars universe.



Are You Interested In Kubricks?
December 2, 2000 | 10:43 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Do you know what the Kubrick Legos are? check them out here. If you like them and want to order a set for $72.00, then click here. You will get all three sets with backdrops and the Exclusive Han Carbonite. Our friend Inkferno is offering these items, he is overseas where they are made and is VERY trustworthy.



Last Day of Voting
December 2, 2000 | 10:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are the lastest top 10:
Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet
Stormtrooper(POTF2 commtech)
Dagobah Vader
Boba Fett(300th Edition)
12″ Speeder Biker Scout
12″ Han with Tantaun
Slave Leia
Han Solo Cantina
Bespin Luke POTF
Remember if you want to vote, just read the rules on the left column. For those that have not read it, this vote is for your favorite top six figures from 1977 to the present 12″ and 3 3/4″, when making your vote make sure you specify the line and whether it is the vintage or new figure.



Chewie Mechanic, Leia (Bespin), Amidala (Theed) Pics
December 1, 2000 | 9:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are brand new pics of Chewie (mechanic) and Leia (bespin). Also, there is a pic of the new Amidala (Theed Invasion). A big thanks to Shawn for the pics.
Chewie (Mechanic) & Leia (Bespin)
Amidala (Theed Invasion)



Etoys Toys
December 1, 2000 | 9:02 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Right now in stock Etoys has 12″ Chewy in Chains for $19.99



Need New Figures…?
December 1, 2000 | 4:26 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This is mainly for UK readers, but anyone can check out this list of new stuff that Dave of Startoys & Collectables in the UK has in stock right now:
300th BOBA FETT (£17.95)

If you’re interested, you can contact Startoys @

The Kubrick toys are something we haven’t really mentioned before. They are little fig- actually, it’s kinda tough for me to explain it very well so just check out item number 509364295 on eBay – thanks go to ACPin for pointing that one out. You’ll find more on eBay if you search the Star Wars categories for ’em.



Boba Fett 300
December 1, 2000 | 4:23 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A quick reminder from R2Dtoys that their Boba Fett figures arrived and they expect to have run out of them by Saturday. $35 including worldwide courier shipping outside the UK, or £20 shipped inside. They are expecting more on Monday, which will be an extra $5 due to a premium they had to pay. If you’re interested,

Update: You can pay by credit/debit card and delivery to the US will take 2 days or less, insured and guaranteed.



My order from the Guide
December 1, 2000 | 12:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well I just got my lone 3-P0 helmet from the Sportsman’s Guide. Box arrived good condition small tear nothing major, but I open it and the helmet had been opened before… OK so I take it from styrofoam, helmet nice and shiny nothing wrong but wait… I insert batteries works fine when on, but no motion sensor. So to me looks like this was a return being previously opened and all. So needess to say it’s going back with a long winded complaint to say the least. I will never deal with these people again after all their mess ups that occured, then this. I did hear some people were happy and that’s good. I’m happy to hear not all were burnt by them. Ok I digress…



New Fett Pics
December 1, 2000 | 12:28 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here’s a good clear pic of the 300th Fett out of the box and the Marmit Fett still not assembled.
300th Fett
Marmit Fett



Biker Scout Wave Confirmed
December 1, 2000 | 12:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

I can personally, confirm that the Biker Scout wave is in stores since I found the wave today at two Wal-marts in NY. Of course, all the good figures were gone but I saw lots of Boomer Damaged Battle Droids.



Some info on FC
December 1, 2000 | 11:41 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys not sure how many of you have been hearing the Fan Club rumors as of late, but I had a few emails asking what was going on with them… I just heard back from Dan Madsen on things and he confirmed what we are hearing as JUST rumors. The FC is not in trouble, in fact he said there are some exciting things he’s been working on with Lucasfilm and someone else to help the club grow. He also mentioned they were good things and we should hear about them shortly. So guys don’t sweat it FC is still ok and I understand we will still get the Carbon set from them. Keep a lookout…



More Dioramas!
December 1, 2000 | 11:08 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For you diorama loving readers, ACPin has updated with some more cool dioramas: if you’re interested.



REVENGE of The Jedi
December 1, 2000 | 8:08 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Josh Ling, for those who know him, is a very REPUTABLE collector, has has posted on EBAY 100 Authentic REVENGE of the Jedi Patches. The Item Number is #509052843, hop on over a take a look. This is a dutch auction, so if you want one you can probably get one.