New Hot Wheels Starships Listings for Solo

Browsing around on Brickseek once again, I managed to find a few more listings for Mattel products for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Click on through to check out 6 new products for the Hot Wheels Starship assortment.

Millennium Falcon
UPC: 887961534634
Walmart SKU: 992543429

Imperial Mimban Tank
UPC: 887961534641
Walmart SKU: 288019707

Prototype Landspeeder
UPC: 887961534665
Walmart SKU: 226986145

Han Solo’s Speeder
UPC: 887961534689
Walmart SKU: 838675310

Imperial Mimban Speeder
UPC: 887961534696
Walmart SKU: 598076567

Prototype Star Destroyer
UPC: 887961534702
Walmart SKU: 353010340

Like other finds, I’ve added the pertinent UPCs and Walmart SKUs to our Master List for easy reference.