Mystery of TBS The Acolyte 01 Solved?

Since the reveal of the Black Series figures from The Acolyte were announced in March, there has be a mystery surrounding the identity of figure 01 in the line. It has been speculated that it was the unknown Sith, Vernestra Rwoh, and even the Wookiee Jedi, Kelnacca. I was looking for some sort of confirmation during last night’s series debut, and I believe I found it:

Click on through for the evidence and unofficial reveal/spoiler.

Black Series Jedi Master Sol (02) – original box
Black Series Jedi Master Sol (02) – original box (close up) – the mural artwork gives a hint for the mystery character
Comparison shot from The Acolyte – Episode 2. Matching up the clasp and what is now identified as the butt of the pistol we can determine that the figure should be:

Black Series 01 – Osha Aniseya