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Official “Wookiee Weekend” THIS WEEKEND?

Despite the moniker of “Wookiee Weekend” being attributed to April’s release of products for Solo: A Star Wars Story, it is being stated (and marketed by various retailers) that this weekend, kicking off with Star Wars Day (Friday, May 4th), will be the official launch of the “Wookiee Weekend” promotion. Look for some special product reveals to be announced soon as well as ticket sales for Solo: A Star Wars Story to open too.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Product Launching April 13

In case you haven’t been lucky enough to already find Solo merchandise leaking out early in stores and online, your wait just got a little bit shorter. You’ve probably seen images of product cases marked with “STOP! Do not put on shelf before: April 13th, 2018” which seemed to conflict with prior reports of April 20 as the official start of  “Wookiee Weekend”. I’ve been told by two sources at two different major retailers, that April 13 is now the launch date so you can shift your previously scheduled time off requests a week ahead.