And Now… Matters are Worse

There is another. Yep, Hasbro, in its quest to drive the last bit of fun from collecting has thrown another curveball into the mix by giving the TVC Wedge Antilles a variant card back! Click on through for more…

You read that right – the crew at POTF2 posted a link to a couple of ebay auctions (here and here) showing 2 different cardbacks in the same vein as the recent R2 variant we posted a couple weeks ago. As you can see, the difference between the two are quite noticeable utilizing different inset images for Wedge, a different design layout (and images) for his case mates in the individual previews not to mention the text/copy changes.

Original release:

Updated “variant”┬árelease:

  • J5

    Great. This figure is proving to be tough to find never mind the variant. I think we can all agree that we haven’t seen much in the last 5 months. Everything I see is old and doesn’t look like it has been stocked forever. Be prepared to drop alot of money on this variant. It was changed almost immediately. I heard possibly that maybe 50 to 100 of these made it out. So 50 to 100 cases as there is 1 per case. Think about how many stores there are in this country, how many cases get shipped and the chance you will see one of these variants. Its true that there could be a case or 2 in the back room with it in it, but the chances of that are slim.


    For the cardbacks I just thik that they need to be consistent! Since they began showing the card front for never before released figures (Dack for example), they should have continued this for as long as the line runs. R2-D2 / Jabbas barge had the card front and then did not. Just stay consistent!

    Keep the card front on these new figs instead of just a picture. Dont give scalpers the opportunity to gouge those who have a hell of a time seeing the figs on the shelves. Figures from old waves with “.00 or .01” on the cardbacks (when a running change was made)have no more value today than they did in the past.

    And put them in STAR CASES as the ones on the pegs are geting banged up do to having to be punched through the peg itself!

  • I’m just glad that I don’t collect carded figures any more.

  • For just two days, I have been to 8 Walmart, 5 Super Target, and 4 Toys R Us. I have to say, Target is the worst place for searching rare figures. A few Walmart are actually pretty decent. It really depends on the neighborhood of that area. I find it that you have better luck at slum (getto) places instead of wealthy areas of Walmart.

  • Watto

    So, for added stress, can someone confirm whether or not the original version comes unpunched, or is it only punched as in these photos? I have not yet seen a specimen of the original unpunched. My own came right out of the case punched, while the 11 other figures were all unpunched. I’m rather furious over all this stuff, frankly. What are others finding who ordered this case?

  • RAF Pilot

    Time ago I talked with a Wal-Mart employee, she told me that there is a few chaps in the store that have the control of the figures, before the new figures are in shelves, they call their mates to bought all of them, specially in Thursday night, when the shelves are refill or restock or put new releases according with the release date. So all the figures not only Star Wars, McFarlane and others are in eBay or other websites with high prices. Wal-Mart is 24/7 so they can do this as soon the new figures appears in the warehouses. One day I was until 1:00Am to get Lego Wampa Attack and guess what three chaps take all of them except the one that I grab from the box when the Wal-Mart employee opened.

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  • mr.jimmy

    hopefully hasbro can raise the price again now something is out worth buying. maybe twelve a figure? they are just sooo vintage!!! i’d pay twenty a figure. i’m done. i’m going to start collecting barbie long star trek friends.

  • Charlie P, I’m sure Wal-Mart and other stores have a few unscrupulous employees who sells these action figures off the loading dock or some other sneaky method. There was a hideous comic store owner back home who’d pull that crap with the MacFarlane KISS action figures from the mid 90’s. He’d buy them all before they could put any out on the shelf.

    • your probably right, ive asked people at walmart if they could bring out a box or two and one time a nice girl did bring me two cases and they were both wave one, it just gets to me after the ROTJ wave ive seen very few new figures out there and if i do the card is destroyed. plus every store has maybe 3-4 pegs for vintage and like 15-20 for dumb clone wars, im just about to say screw it and sell mine off already

  • I don’t believe I’ve seen this figure at all. In fact, my 2 local Wal-Mart’s have just now received a few AOTC from the Vintage Collection and they all flown off the pegs quickly. It’ll probably be 3 years before they get the wave with Barriss Offee! LOL

  • LordEdzo

    Thanks very much for clearing up this whole variant confusion. I’d read about it elsewhere but couldn’t make sense of it.

  • Tarman13

    I’ve heard about this and HASBRO, just MATTEL love playing games with the Collector’s Market, this has gone too far for me because i grew so sick of how they handle their distripution—their GI-Joes Pursuit of Cobra figures are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find– MATTEL’S has the Crappy Website and to order Figures from them is a JOKE!!! and these PRICES!!! $9.99 for a STAR WARS figure at TOYS R US??? $8.69 at WAL-MART $8.99 at TARGET!!! the Acomomy is in Shambles Here In Southern California… and HASBRO is playing the Firering of DEATH with their CARDBACK for this WEDGE– you know i still haven’t found the Gamorrean Guard at Retail–some are going for $30.00 to $40.00 on ebay.

    I’m tired with dealing with this crap just to get a toy these days– you would think that HASBRO would be rolling out the Red Carpet for this WEDGE figure–instead of twittling their thumbs wonder what Poor Schmuk will end up Buying $100.00 for a $6.00 piece of plastic.

  • Jamie

    My local comic shop put every new figure aside for me. Scored 4 Wedge figures yesterday. Now 3 other people in the local collectors club can avoid the run around…

    • You sir, are awesome!

  • Gus Hound

    So they changed it, but not even to show the OTC carded Wedge? I know it was an exclusive, but why bother to change it, if they’re STILL not going to get it right?

  • Wow, I will be lucky to even see one on the pegs, let alone the cardback variant. I do agree that distribution is so spotty I might be lucky to even see the wave at all. I do appreciate the information though. Great intell.

  • to many toys

    After just reading these commits. Im confused. Are we upset with hasbro using the first run cardbacks that were printed prior to the figure redesign and then using the redesign. I think the company did the best they could to keep there costs down by not trashing the orginal cardbacks. As for missing figures buy them but the case and give the repacks as x-mas gifts to toys for tots.

  • POTF2 crew rule!


    These should have been in “star” cases for another dollar or two and they should have been phased in better. We had four waves just recently hit at once one case at a time making it near impossible to get them in good shape or first run cards. I love the vintage aspect but I have not lost much sleep not catching up!

  • charlie P

    IM sorry but im am fed up with this. i live in central indiana and found one wedge figure at my local Meijer store, except the card back was completely destroyed, i did not buy the figure and have decided tto just give up collecting these, its getting rediculous every store around that carries these figures have not restocked their shelves since JAN and its just peg after peg of santroopers and clone troopers with an R2 thrown in here or there. its so frustrating i feel like these retailers have mountains of boxes in the stockroom full of the goods but they wont let me get my hands on them

    • davjaxn

      You are lucky. I’ve never even seen an R2 on the pegs and saw a sandtrooper a few times many months ago. My Target just re-stocked the pegs full with Dengars and cloud car pilots today. No joke.